Moon Sparkle

January 4, 2009 at 12:30 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments
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I’ve been allergic to fragrances all my life, anything from sitting next to a person wearing slightly too much perfume on the mrt to walking through the fragrance counters in a mall can set off my allergies, causing my nose to sneeze uncontrollably for the rest of the day or until i take my medication which makes me super drowsy.

And so I’ve avoided fragrances like the plague since young. But as with any forbidden fruit, it is oh so attractive to me. Lately I’ve been testing the grounds of my allergies by using products with slight fragrances, hoping to build up an immunity. After testing out several ones at the Sasa counter, I discovered what could potentially become my ‘signature’ fragance!

Presenting Escada’s Moon Sparkle! I’m a sucker for all things labeled ‘Moon’, I naturally gravitate towards it like the sucker I am.. I’ve been eyeing this baby since it was first released many months ago, but since I didn’t know if my nose could tolerate fragrances on a daily basis, I held back on purchasing. But my sweet darling B2 got it for me as a Christmas gift!! I love love the fruity scents, which my nose seems to tolerate more than overtly flora scents.

Now that I’ve managed to condition my nose to accept fragrances, a whole new world has been opened up to me.. hehe.. Next up, I have my eye on the DKNY Be Delicious (green) – notice the fruits theme? =)

Any other recommendations?




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  1. i cannot use any too… but i am in love with LOWE and Dior addict 2…. they are the only 2 types that won’t tear me…..

    • so sad hor.. to be allergic to fragrances.. I’m slowly building up my immunity =)

  2. DKNY apple is darn darn nice! I’m planning to get that soon too. But not too soon either cos’ I haven’t even start using my Burberry brit sheer (I’m a sucker for pinky stuffs)~ HAHA.

    • DKNY Be Delicious is on my to-get list, along with Harajuku Lovers Music, cuz i’m such a sucker for cute packaging.. haha

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