Gransenbon Blushers

January 8, 2009 at 10:05 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments
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Ever since I started wearing makeup, I’ve always loved wearing blush. I can skip eye makeup, I can skip concealor (not cuz I have nothing to conceal), I can even skip foundation. But I love blush, and all the different colours are enough to make me go crazy. Gransenbon is one brand of blusher that I love for all the different colours, and wish dearly that I could own them all.

They are soooooo cute! I love the packaging on most Japanese makeup cuz those Japanese really know how to package! Strangely enough these babies are called "Gran Brush", but I guess that’s cuz in the Japanese language, there are no "L" sounds, so Blush would sound something like "Bu Ra Shu", hence ‘Brush".

From Left: #01 Lady Rose, #07 Blossom Pink & #12 Peach Rose

Prior to the launch of Gransenbon blushers at Watsons late last year, I had read reviews that the they are more sparkle than pigmentation. But still I couldn’t resist getting 2 of them on my first trip to Watsons after the launch. I first got #07 Blossom Pink and #12 Peach Rose. #07 Blossom Pink was apparently discontinued in Japan previously, which made its availability in Singapore quite a surprise. After swatching the selection, I couldn’t resist it as it was such a pretty baby pink that gives me the a girly-girl flush. #12 Peach Rose on the other hand is  shimmery peach which lends me that glow when I want, without going overboard. I went back to Watson’s for #01 Lady Rose soon after trying out #07 and #12. I didn’t have anything mauve-ish in my collection and this one looked really pretty.

Though these aren’t exactly cheap at $29.90 each, I love the cute packaging, the soft brush that comes with it, and the lovely lovely colour selection. Wish I could own them all!!!



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  1. woah woah woah, someone’s getting more active in here huh?

    • wah.. u very fast lor.. haha I’m sick at home mah.. nothing to do so I blog lor.. who’s the one always demand i stop being a flintstone?

      • why are you offline?!

      • my MSN is wonky lor.. cannot log in.. dunno what’s wrong man.. Even my meebo doesn’t work.. damn it

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