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I am Lunaface and I have a problem.
I am such a blusher freak. There is no part of me that can resist a pretty blusher and I must have them all! Muahahahaha…

Ok not ALL, but pretty darn much.. Now let me show you what were the blushers I got from the states, which made up a huge chunk of my total haul.

One of the main items I wanted to get while in the states was the MAC BBR MSFs, which hadn’t been launched here before I left. I had my heart set on getting Redhead before I left for the states, but strangely enough ended up getting Blonde and Brunette instead.. I was told by the MUA that Blonde would suit my skintone best as Brunette would be darker while Redhead would be lighter. But I couldn’t resist Brunette as it was just too darn pretty! Redhead on the other hand didn’t really impress me, so I skipped it. But after checking out the local prices (S$51?!?!) I almost regret not getting it in the states which was US$28 excluding sales tax.

From Left: Brunette, Blonde

I also couldn’t resist getting the much raved about NARS Orgasm. What kind of a blusher freak would I be without the mother of all blushers?! I also fell in love with Cargo The Big Easy after swatching it in 2 different Sephoras before I finally decided to get it. The Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour was a steal at the Virginia CCO as it came with mini Full Potential lip Plump and Shine for only US$21!! I got the rest at various drugstores in NY, mainly cuz I just can’t resist pretty blushers. Haha

Top Row from Left: NARS – Orgasm, Cargo – The Big Easy, NYC Color Wheel – Rose Glow, Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour – Peony
Bottom Row from Left: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Blush – Blushing Glow, Milani Minerals Blush – Sunset Beach and Luminous, Physicians Formula Baked Blush – Baked Ginger

I already had a Milani blush in Luminous, but what the heck, it was cheap and pretty, I can always use a back up. Milani blush in Sunset Beach is darker then most of my blushers but I figured sometimes I just might need one. The NYC Color Wheel in Rose Glow is really pretty in real life and gives me such a nice glow when I swirl my brush all over it. I have heard great reviews about Physicians Formula, so when I saw the Mineral Wear Blush and Baked Blush on 50% off, I grabbed!

Last but not least, one of my best finds was the Vincent Longo Hydro Stick! If I’m not wrong, Sephora is axing the entire Vincent Longo line from its stores, which explains why I only saw it at the Times Square branch, and everything was on an insane sale. The e/s quads were going for US$10! But being the blusher freak I am, I only picked up the Hydro Stick in Rosewood Dawn, which is such a lovely rosey shade!

I’ve never tried using creme, gel blushers, so this might take some getting used to. But at US$6.25, it’s too good a deal to pass up! I just wish I got more! hahaha

So that concludes the blusher portion of this haul, more on the e/s hauls coming up!



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  1. WOAH!!!!!! You should do a blush post! All your blushers!
    You should have bought more vincent longo stuff!!! DARN CHEAP LAH!!!!

    • hahaha lazy..
      The Vincent Longo collection left wasn’t much, but I kinda regret not getting the other Hydro Stick.. haha it really was darn cheap..

  2. Warr.. very pretty…

    • haha I have so much fun just looking at them..

  3. I dont think I have ever had a blush, maybe one cream one. lol I dont know how to use them. You should do a post on all of your and how you use them! The mac ones are so cute! specially the one on the right, I want to play with it! lol
    which is your favorite?

    • I love love blushers! haha you can probably tell from my collection.. I’m not too skilled at using them, other then just swiping my brush across and over my cheeks.. haha I’ll probably attempt a post on my entire collection in the (near) future..
      currently I’ve only tried the MAC Blonde msf (the one you want to play with!) and NYC Color wheel, both of which I really really like! Blonde is more pinkish, but gives me a nice glow, while the NYC color wheel is peachier.

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