Taiwan Beauty Spree Haul

February 14, 2009 at 1:41 pm | Posted in Beauty | 5 Comments
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Taiwan beauty products are LOVE! I have a soft spot for Taiwan cuz I just love it there sooooo much!! The food, the shopping, the beauty products, the people… I loved my trip there 2 years back, and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since..

But sadly work and my schedule does not allow me to just pack up and run off, so I console myself by eating Taiwan snacks, drinking bubble tea, and of cuz spreeing from Taiwan sites!

Many of you might have heard of this Taiwan beauty show 女人我最大 (Beauty Queen) which recommends lots of beauty/skincare/fashion/health products and tips. One of the brands that have becomes really popular after being featured on the show is Shills. I’ve seen some of the products in JL and Sasa, for quite affordable prices, but they don’t carry the full range, which is why I placed an order on a Taiwan spree some time back. This came quite a while ago, but I’m only just posting it up..

I’ve gotten quite a few of the Shills BBs in previous sprees, and though they’re nothing spectacular, they’re alright for their prices, usually less then S$20 including shipping. I wanted to try out some of their masks, as the ad on the website looked really attractive. Who doesn’t need Whitening and Brightening?! The L ascorbic Acid Mask is supposed to be some jelly like mask that sounded really interesting!

These two I got just cuz of the packaging. Haha yes I’m a sucker.. The firming liquid is supposed to have firming ingredients to make your face look smaller, while the perfect brightening is supposed to work like a BB/Primer to "prime, protect and correct". Both also supposedly have anti-aging/age control ingredients. But mostly I was suckered in by the cute packaging (isn’t the crystal in the middle of the ribbon and crown soooo cute?!) haha

I’ve got such a backlog of stuff to use/try that I haven’t even gotten around to using these babies, though I’ve had them for a few weeks! I think this is a sign I should stop hauling.. haha



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  1. All 5 of my Shills BB Creams are a huge dissapointment. Let me know how those 2 items work out for you.

  2. review on the ‘jelly mask’ quick k?? i am tempted to get it the other day but i choose the foam esthe pack instead and it’s quite good…..

  3. aye!
    shills bb cream is prolly the worst bb cream i’ve ever tried
    thats if you even consider it a bb cream at all
    the L ascorbic Acid Mask is tempting though!
    i’ve been thinking about whether to buy it or not too since forever, but i cant bear to be cheated by chinese products again. do do a review so i know whether i should try or not ya!

    • shills really isn’t the best BB out there.. haha but some of the other products are not too bad.. In a nutshell, I quite like the L ascorbic jelly mask after using it twice. I’ll try to get a review up soon. I find that Taiwan products are generally of reasonable quality for the price you pay, though i agree there are some really duds.. =S

      • okay! do a review on the ascorbic acid mask soon!
        i dont wanna be negative and stereotype and all. but i’m kinda staying away from taiwan products now! cos they are really just cheap replicas

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