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Sorry for the lack of posts.. not only have I been super swamped with work, my camera was on loan for a few days, so sadly no pictures.. That’s not to say I haven’t been hauling!! I’m actually really behind on posting some of my recent (and not so recent) hauls, but since I don’t post chronologically anyways.. just bear with me yah..

Work has been so hectic that I’ve been craving for some good ol’ retail therapy. Today I actually had a legitimate reason to go shopping as I wanted to check out Castledew, which kimoko introduced to me as a pretty good dupe in terms of packaging for Jill Stuart. Since I have a friend who simply adores the Jill Stuart packaging but can’t afford to splurge, I wanted to get her something from Castledew for her upcoming birthday. I was told that Castledew is available in Beauty Language stores and seeing that there was one pretty near my house, I decided to pop by after a long day at work.

The range available was actually pretty wide, ranging from base foundation, BB cream, lipsticks, lip glosses, single e/s and of course e/s palettes. So can you guess what I got?

Beauty Language was having a promotion for its products and if you buy 2 with the same price, you get additional discounts. These 2 Diacut Eyes palettes are $39.60 each, but $68 for both. These palettes weren’t listed on the Beauty Language website, so I wasn’t expecting to find them in stores. In fact, I had been planning to get the Color Shot Eyes for my friend. Imagine my surprise and happiness when I saw these babies on display.

The packaging is seriously too cute! Its so shiny and girly and I love it! The casing can double as a mirror even though there’s one inside the palette. I can’t get over how cute these are!!

Left: Diacut Eyes 901 – Planet Diamond
Right: Diacut Eyes 902 – Planet Shine Star

and really pretty on the inside too!!! 901 consists of 9 baked shadows while 902 has 9 pressed shadows. Having swatched them in the store, I found the 902 more pigmented than 901, which probably has to do with the way they’re pressed/baked. 903 was available as well, but I wasn’t too fond of the pinks in that palette and the colours were too cool for my skintone.

901 – Planet Diamond has some pretty whites, light pinks, purples, peaches and browns that can be mixed and matched in trios or more combinations. I love the patterns on the shadows!!

902 – Planet Shine Star has some darker shades such as the bottom row, which are quite pigmented when I swatched them. I’m told that the glitter that you see is an overspray that won’t last beyond the first few uses, but no matter, they are still really really pretty. 902 also appears to be the most popular as they only had the display set left (which I grabbed!) while 901 and 903 had quite a few pieces left.

I think my camera washed out most of the colours as they look more vibrant in real life. Beauty Language has quite a few branches around, and I actually do suggest popping down to take a look if you’re interested. The packaging is to die for, and the shadows are pretty good!

I’ll definitely be popping down again to get the Colour Shot Eyes palettes for my friend once she makes up her mind which one she wants.. and maybe add on to my haul too? =P



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  1. they have the newer palettes!!! and they are rather reasonably priced!
    did you check out the blushes?

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  3. […] had purchase Castledew Diacut Eyes palettes before in 901 and 902, so naturally I wanted this M601 […]

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