Etude House Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling

March 3, 2009 at 8:13 pm | Posted in Beauty | 7 Comments
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Recently I’ve been on a masking and peeling phase, and have been quite diligently masking, be it sheet mask, clay/mud masks, jelly masks (which i reviewed here) or peeling masks. I’ve been picking up random types of masks to try out, from the Queen Helene ones I got in the States to the Shills ones I got from Taiwan sprees.

Last week when I took a day off from work for a quick trip across the causeway to JB with my colleague, I picked up this cute little bottle from Etude House!

Isn’t it the cutest thing! No way I could resist it. Etude House has the cutest packaging and it was all I could do to resist hauling everything.. haha I settled on hauling on kimoko ‘s behalf! But I did snag this cute little bottle for myself.

The description says:
Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling
(Nutrient Rich Yogurt Gommage Peel)
Gommage treatment with enzyme & yogurt to exfoliate and nourish complexion and remove oil, dirt and excess.

lol.. you gotta ask.. excess what? haha

Strange English aside, this sounds like what I need! Exfoliate? Remove oil, dirt (and excess)? Sign me up!! So how did it perform? Good!

The product is a milky white liquid that applies like emulsion, not too creamy and thick, but not like water (or jelly) either. After spreading it out on your face, it dries within a few minutes. After which the fun begins! According to the SA, after it dries, you start rubbing it like you’re trying to rub dirt off your face, until you rub off most of it. If required, wash off the remaining with lukewarm water. So I started rubbing and it actually takes quite a bit of effort to rub it all off! It comes off in little bits like you’re rubbing off a layer of your skin.

My description probably makes it sound gross, but hey it works! After some vigorous rubbing, my skin really feels cleaner as if I had rubbed off a layer of dirt! It’s a pretty interesting peeling pack, and works pretty well on me. I paid 55.90RM ~ S$24, which is really reasonable for 115ml of product, and you don’t really need that much each use. Plus the packaging is too cute for words!

If you’re into peeling masks, have access to Etude House, it’s a worthwhile product to try out!



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  1. i love the foam version…. try it!!

    • and i didn’t know JB has Etude????

      • yup! I found it in City Square!

    • oooh maybe i’ll pick it up next time I’m go to JB! I’m so happy Etude House can be found there!

  2. Hmmmmm hmmmmm. I wonder if Etude house is in KL? Hope it is, so I can ask my mother to buy back 1 bottle when she goes to KL with her friends.
    I love exfoliators nowadays I don’t know why.
    Maybe it’s because it’s much fun to rub off all those DIRT from my face, haha.
    From Bio-essence -> CURE -> More exfoliating gels! :D

    • Yup Etude house is in KL too. There’s one in Times Sq and I heard there’s one in 1 Utama as well.
      I love exfoliators too! love the squeaky clean feeling haha. Haven’t tried bio-essence or cure though.. how are they?

      • Bio-essence, my mom bought it so I just kop from her. :P After using it, my face felt super smooth (Yep, even smoother than after using cure) and so I love it for that feeling it gives me. But sometimes, the smell puts me off if I really go and smell it. It has a weird smell, to me.
        CURE, its watery since its like made up of 90% water. After rubbing for ard 15s, there would be white bits of substance being produced. I think it’s good for my inner cheek areas which are prone to blackheads when I don’t take care of them properly. And I love it that it cost $38 (WATSONS) for 250ml only. It’s resonably priced.
        They are both pretty gentle for my skin, able to use it daily.
        But for both, I haven’t been using them very regularly to comment much on the removal of blackheads. Hopefully they do remove most of the blackheads so I can save $$ on facials. :P

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