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March 14, 2009 at 12:16 am | Posted in Beauty | 6 Comments
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What’s the next best thing to travelling? Having friends who travel! When one of my close friends went on vacation to Korea during CNY, I shamelessly wrote her a list of things I wanted from Korea. She managed to get me about half the stuff on my list, but I was pretty satisfied since it only cost of S$55 for all this stuff! It would definitely have cost lots more if I paid retail for them in Singapore, not to mention some of the stuff aren’t even available..

I’m a big fan of Skinfood products and I love to try out their new collection of skincare whenever I can, though my fave is still the Peach Sake range. This time I asked my friend to get me the Parsley and Mandarin Essence, Cream and the Fresh Juice C Serum. The Parsley and Mandarin range wasn’t available here when I wrote my list, but I was intriguing as it was for Troubled skin.. my skin has its fair share of troubles, so it went on my list. I loved the smell of the Fresh Juice range when I tested it out, so I couldn’t resist getting the serum.

Etude House was another brand from Korea that I quite like, and pity it isn’t available here, nearest being in JB. But even then, the prices in Korea just can’t be beat. So I asked my friend to kindly pick me up some of the much raved about Pore Erasing Peach Base in Peach. I wanted to try out the Etude House Duo Fibre brush as well in my search for a cheaper alternative to the MAC 187. The brush is really soft and denser than the 187, which makes it a great brush for applying my blushes with!

S$55 was a really good bargain for 5 items and once again I’m so tempted to just fly myself to Korea and haul like crazy! But while that’s pretty impossible for now, I’ll settle for hauling by proxy!



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  1. the Peach Base isn’t that great… mine is the pink colour one….

    • oh is it? I haven’t tried it but it smells great! haha

  2. HEY!
    The etude brush seems better than the mac 187, I regretted getting the 187, maybe I will try this. Let us know what you think about the juice serum, I’ve been wanting that. But am becoming sceptical about skinfood, it seems like its just a bunch of chemicals with one food in them, lol. What do you think?

    • Re: HEY!
      I personally prefer the Etude brush to the 187. It’s denser, softer and doesn’t shed as much.. You should get it to try if you can. I actually like skinfood products quite a bit. My favorite is the Peach Sake range for pore care, but I’m branching out to other ranges. The Peach Sake serum works pretty well for me.

      • Re: HEY!
        The lettuce and cucumber water jelly cream and that line seems really good for the summer. I had the cream and it was nice. but their bb creams break me out, and I checked the ingredients and didnt like what I saw. I love their point makeup though!
        I just saw a banila co brush like that too! I want to get one cause my 187 is so thin! I want a denser one, not sure wich brand though, haha!

      • Re: HEY!
        I love the Lettuce Cucumber matte finishing gel as a primer. I haven’t been impressed by skinfood’s makeup series, but I do like their skincare ranges though I don’t have a habit of looking at ingredients.. haha
        Have you tried banila co products? I haven’t but have been dying to try some of their palettes! I think the Etude brush is a good choice if you’re looking for something denser than the 187.

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