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April 13, 2009 at 8:02 pm | Posted in Beauty | 7 Comments
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Over the long weekend (which ended much too quickly IMO), I hopped across the causeway with a couple of girlfriends to engage in some chillaxing, some cheap movies, cheap japanese food, and of cuz some hauling. On my previous trip to JB, I discovered Etude House had set up shop, which is about as close to Etude House as I’m gonna get, until they decide to invade Singapore at least. I didn’t get anything the last time for some strange reason, but I was fully prepared for hauling this time round.

I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t carry the newest Precious Minerals collection as I had been wanting to check out the new BB Creams. But I still managed to get some really good deals!

Can you guess how much all these cost me?

The total is RM167.50, which comes up to be about S$71! Can you believe I got all that loot for just S$71?! I’m still amazed myself. The best buy I feel was the April Promo set which was a mere RM49.90/S$21.20 for the Foam Cleanser, Setting Toner and Finish Lotion. I got the set for oily skin, but there were four promo sets to choose from, Moist Hold, Perfect Balance, Calming Mild and Oil Cut, which is what I got. I was tempted to haul the Perfect Balance promo set as well, but they had run out of the Cleanser so the promo was invalid. The Moist Hold set was sold out too.

With every RM20 spent, you’re entitled to purchase one out of a list of items at a 30% discount, and I chose the On Screen Primer #01 for oily skin. I got it as the other items on the list (hand creams/lotions and lippies) didn’t really appeal to me. I’m on a base makeup phase now so I also got the Speedy Total Base #01 as well though I was torn between that and the Speedy Total Mineral Base (blue packaging). But given that minerals and my skin are a bit iffy at times, I stuck with the plain one. I also got the Sleeping Pack for Pore Tightening cuz who doesn’t love some pore tightening?! And the packaging is too cute to resist. I had been wanting to try out a sleeping mask after my friend had raved about The Face Shop’s Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask.

One of my friends was so enthusiastically promoting the nail polish to me that I couldn’t resist and got myself one too. It’s such a lovely shade of pink!

If you think I stopped my hauling at Etude House, you’re wrong! Now that City Squareis home to Etude House, Skin Food, The Face Shop, Sasa and Watsons, the hauling never stops! At Watsons, I saw that they were selling KATE Deep Eyes palettes at a discounted price of RM37.80, while the usual price is between RM49.90 – RM52 if I’m not wrong. Sadly I had already hauled most of the Deep Eyes palettes that I wanted and only ended up picking up this little baby in GY-1.

I realised that I’ve been going over to JB quite often, almost once every month or two. thanks to the availability of Etude House and KATE, not to mention Skin Food at slightly cheaper prices than here, trips across the causeway might just become a regular affair!



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  1. WALAU! its a steal loh!
    review of the sleeping pack please! and the nail color is so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! me likey!
    deep eyes cheap cheap cheappppppppp!

    • good deal hor.. I very happy with this haul leh.. hahahaha

  2. OMG OMG!! I wanna fo this weekend and get the pore diet!!! i love Etude stuffs!!

    • go get it! I LOVE Etude stuff too!! so happy that it can be found in JB!!

      • so sad i cannot go JB this sat already, my BF has a car boot sale at ECP Big Splash and i have to be there to help… haiz!! I love the pore diet series!!

      • haha I love anything to do with pore tightening! Now lemming for the brightening sleeping mask and the moisturizing one too!

  3. hiya~ i have the precious minerals BB cream in shade 2 (for nc20-25), only pumped once (pump dispenser) to see the shade, otherwise BN and comes with box!
    lmk if you wanna take it of my hands! i ordered way too much stuff from gmarket~

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