Taiwan = Haul Heaven Part 2

May 19, 2009 at 11:36 pm | Posted in Beauty | 11 Comments
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Enough of the suspense! Here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for (and that means you !) hahaha…

Was that worth the wait? =P

Here’s what they look like in full glory!

What possessed me? Am I made of money? Did I strike the lottery?
I think i was possessed by a makeup loving ghost. Nope. Nope again.

In my defense, the Maquillage palettes were on a really great promotion at the counter in Watsons. The Eyes Creators 3D were only 1050NT each  ~ S$47!! I dare anyone to tell me that’s not a good buy! The two Twinkle Jeweling Eye palettes were last holiday season’s limited edition palettes and they were going for 1080NT ~S$49!! Plus Watsons was running a spend 2000NT get 200NT voucher, which technically wasn’t supposed to be used for counter brands, but the lovely SA helped us bypass that pesky rule, probably cuz we were hauling so much! hahahaha.. Even the Face Creator that I had been eyeing for the longest time only cost 1080NT (after the promotion), and I totally regret not hauling more Maquillage!! Cuz the palettes were promotional sets, they came with freebies such as brushes (which you can see in the first pic of yesterday’s post) as well as mirrors and handphone charms, which I shared with my friends.

I tried out the Eyes Creator BR363 (the brown shades) and was just blown away by how silky the e/s were and how easy they were to blend! I wore them over my new T’estimo platinum carat cream e/s, and there was no creasing by the end of my work day, and very minimal fading!! I’m in love!! They’re worth every penny I paid!

I saved the best for last. Say hello to my first ever Jill Stuart purchase!! I had been actively resisting Jill Stuart since I laid eyes on them many months ago, mainly cuz of the price, and inavailablity in Singapore. But the exquisite Mix Blush Compacts called out incessantly to the blusher freak in me. When i finally arrived in person at the Jill Stuart counter, my battle was lost. I couldn’t resist anymore. I even managed to convert both my friend who went with me to get something, even though both had had no inclination to purchase at all, and had merely been accompanying me.. You have to hand it to the JS people for the detail they pur into the packaging. I for one was completely sold just by looking at the lovely packaging. The Mix Blush Compact is the prettiest blush package I have ever seen, and trust me, I’ve seen lots of blushers. The brush that comes with it is pretty dense and good at picking up the colours, though not the softest brush I’ve felt. It works great with the blush compact, and the pink crystal is just too cute!

As I’m going through a cream/gel shadow phase, I couldn’t resist picking up two of the the Jelly Eye Colours in 09 Moon Shadow (shimmery off white) and 10 Antique Amber (beautiful bronzey amber). My friends and I had such a hard time limiting ourselves to just two of these as almost all the colours were wonderful and we wanted them all! After swatching each one until our hands could fit no more swatches, I finally settled on these two, and I’m so glad I got them!! They work great as a sparkly base for matte or more muted shadows, and whatever e/s I layer over them just pops out and looks amazing!

This is my most amazing counter brand haul ever, and I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to top this (plus I’m quite broke now).. My collection of counter brand makeup is growing much too quickly for my wallet to catch up, and I think I’ll probably have to take a break now.. probably… hahaha

And that concludes the haul portion of my Taiwan trip!! 



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  1. Wa!!!!!!!!!!! at this rate, you are going broke soon…. LOL!! really 死在沙滩上….. Twinkle Jeweling Eye palettes is super worth… i bought both last Christmas and i think it cost me SGD 68 ea…. they are super lasting….

    • hahaha I also think I going broke liao.. I’m gg to keep telling myself this was a reward for 1 year of hard work! hahaha I was super attracted to the twingle jeweling eyes’ case.. I wish the other palettes were as pretty

  2. you better lock your doors tight. i know where you live. when i can’t resist it, i’ll head over to rob you clean of your palettes!

    • I’ll quickly install CCTV.. hahaha or sleep with my palettes under my pillow!

      • try sleeping on your cabinets coz i’m eyeing the rest too. HAHAHAHAHA

      • hahahaha that wouldn’t be very comfortable.. I should probably invest in a safe deposit box.. hahaha

      • *very evil laughter*

      • dun scare me like that lor.. next time got good stuff dun show you liao… *runs away*

  3. JS
    how much did u get the JS eye jelly and blush for?

    • Re: JS
      I can’t remember the exact price, but after the exchange rate conversion, the jelly eyes were about S$30 and the blush about S$64. Major splurge, but oh sooooo pretty =)

  4. Wow! I’m glad I chanced upon your blog. you’ve got a great variety of Illamasqua blushes I can reference my purchases on. How is excite on you? Do you like it?

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