Revlon Beyond Natural Foundation

May 24, 2009 at 4:25 pm | Posted in Beauty | 5 Comments
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This product isn’t exactly new in Singapore, but I’ve only recently got my hands on it, and have been testing it out since I got back from TW.

I have to admit, I was initially quite skeptical about this product, as I wasn’t sure how a white liquid foundation would be able to match itself to my skintone. But since I got this from during its BOGO sale for Revlon products, I figure what’s there to lose. But I was quite pleasantly surprised!

I was debating between 230 – Medium, or 220 Medium Light when placing my order, and ended up with 230 – Medium, which turned out to be a pretty good choice. I think normally I would have been a 220 – Medium Light, however, my sojourn to TW had me turning a shade darker due to the sunny weather and amount of time spent outdoors. Therefore, 230 – Medium did match me quite well when I first applied it.

See what I mean about the white liquid foundation? I had my doubts when I first sqeeuzed it out the tube.

But with a little blending… Lo and behold! It matches! Betcha can’t tell where the foundation is…

Blendability: Really easy – It’s quite runny and liquidified, so no trouble blending. I’ve tried applying with both my fingers as well as a duo-fiber brush, and I have to say I love the effect from using the brush! It looks more even and airbrushed.

Texture: Light – It felt pretty lightweight and very natural on my skin, not heavy or thick at all.

Shade: 230 – Medium was a pretty good match for me since I got tanner from TW, but once that fades, I think 220 – Medium Light might suit more.

SPF: With SPF 15 thrown in, its adequate enough to skip sunblock unless you need to spend lots of time outdoors

Coverage: Light/Medium – Looks natural and covers up minor blemishes and slightly uneven skintone, but a concealor would be needed for anything beyond.

Oil Control: Not too great on it’s own, shine was detected within 2-3 hours, but it’s been really warm and humid lately, so my face has been extra extra oily.

This oxidized on me by midday, making me look just a tad darker than when first applied in the morning.

This is a foundation worth picking up and I might get 220 – Medium Light to try when I return to my normal shade when my tan fades.. =P




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  1. I thought I remember you ordering it for your cousin? :P

    • hahahaha too dark for her.. just nice for me now that I’m tanner from TW.. so both this and the primer became mine.. hahahahaha

  2. seems interesting!!

  3. added you! so amazed by ur make up loots!
    what’s your HG and must have?

    • hi! thanks for dropping by and adding me!
      Sadly I haven’t found my HG yet, cuz I’m still in the experimental phase where I just like to try all kinds of different products. Still on the look out for my HGs!

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