Random GSS hauling

June 15, 2009 at 8:33 pm | Posted in Beauty | 3 Comments
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tis the season for some major haulage as its the Great Singapore Sale! Bargains and sales are a plenty all the way till July, and I couldn’t resist getting myself some random bits of stuff..

I have never bought anything from O2 skin before, the brand/products just never caught my eye. But the power of the SALE sign is not to be underestimated, and I found myself wandering in for a quick peek. I eventually left with 5 of the Bedazzled eyeshadows, for how much? S$1.90 each!! Unbelievable!

I particularly love the silver black shade, and I’ve been looking for greens and blues to use as bases to make my e/s pop more. The white/silver bits on top are supposed to be highlighting shades and glitter, but I’m not too convinced how tt would work.

The Bedazzled eyeshadows are creamy in texture, and since I’m all about cream/gel/mousse/jelly shadows now, I had to pick some up! There’s quite a large variety of shades, and though the testers look kinda gross, possible at the end of there tester lifespan, the pigmentation was pretty decent, and for S$1.90, no loss even if its crap.

Ingredients list, though I’ve never paid much attention. Can’t wait to try them out! Hopefully it’ll be a hidden gem and I’ll have a reason to go back and sweep the rest of the counters!

Anyone else uses anything from O2 skin?



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  1. these are cream shadows?

    • yup creamy texture. But might be too glittery for u.. the silver/black one not as bad as the rest with the glitter bits on top

      • one look can see its too glittery liao.
        you should do swatches lah!

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