Biore Hydra Clear Makeup Remover

June 29, 2009 at 11:00 pm | Posted in Beauty | 2 Comments
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I picked this up over the weekend at John Little, which was still having its 20% storewide sale. For some strange reason, some of it on the shelve was labelled $18.50 while the rest was labelled $22.90. I wasn’t sure if it was a labelling error since I couldn’t see any difference at all, not even the manufacturing date. So of course I grabbed myself one of the $18.50s and went to the cashier. Retail at other stores like Watsons is also $22.90 I believe, so $18.50 with 20% off is a great deal in my book.

I’ve been using the Biore Cleansing Oil for some time now, and it is my go-to cleansing oil. But if I can do without the oily feeling and achieve the same clean results with a water based remover, why not?

It basically works the same way as the cleansing oil, without the oily feeling. I pour a small amount onto my palms and apply it all over my dry face and gently massage until my makeup dissolves away. Then I rinse with lukewarm water. The main difference I found between this and the cleansing oil is that after rinsing this away, there is no residual oily feeling, which I had when using the cleansing oil. When using the cleansing oil, I normally have to wash my face with facial foam right after to really feel clean, but this feels very light and after rinsing, my face feels clean enough, though I still end up using facial foam while in the shower.

Overall, I prefer this over the cleansing oil, and it’s probably a better product for those with oily skin who can’t bear to add anymore oil to their face. The cleansing capabilities are good too, as my face feels nice and clean  after just one rinse. I’m glad I picked this up at a discount as $14.70 is a great price for 200ml.



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  1. is this similar to the mandom?

    • not really. it’s more like the biore cleansing oil without the oily feeling. Its not watery like mandom so you don’t have to use a cotton pad.

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