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July 12, 2009 at 5:10 pm | Posted in Beauty | 11 Comments
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My very kind colleague recently went to HK on vacation, and offered to help me CP some stuff since I had done the same for her when I went to TW previously. Not wanting to bother her too much, I merely wrote down 3 items I had major lemmings for. This is what she got for me from HK and I was beyond happy when she came back to the office and handed this bag over to me (my other colleagues thought the bag spelled Faeces -_-)

The bag says it all doesn’t it?

I had another colleague who also wanted to CP Jill Stuart stuff so our combined haul got us a GWP, but since there was only one of it, she kindly allowed me to claim it!)

Isn’t it pretty!! Its a very luxurious and sturdy makeup box/pouch (no idea what to call it)

It actually kinda reminds me of CD holders.. >_<

On to the main event! I’m too el cheapo to splurge for the e/s palettes, plus I don’t think they’re all that worth the price tag. The Jelly Eyes are another matter altogether. I have a thing for cream/gel/mousse/jelly eyeshadows, and these are the cream of the crop!!

Packaging is to DIE for!! I got 2 off the Jelly Eye Color N and 1 of the older Jelly Eye Color. I though the old packaging was amazing, but the new one just blew me away. It is wayyyy toooooo cute!!

Old vs. New

The new ones might look smaller, but the net weight is actually the same!

From left, Jelly Eye Color N in Vintage Decor, Midnight Shine and Jelly Eye Color in Smoked Glass. I love Midnight Shine in particular as it is such a lovely shade of midnight blue, which the multi-color shimmer, kinda like a starry sky!

Vintage Decor is a dirty brown, which is unlike the usual colors JS puts out. It works wonderfully for a bit of oomph for otherwise neutral eye makeup.

I had been lemming for Smoke Glass since my TW trip, when I somehow managed to convince myself to put it down and just get Moon Shadow and Antique Amber. This time, it was resist-no-more! It’s great for a grey/smokey look.

I would definitely recommend picking up the Jelly Eyes (N) if you can , and I would love to get more of them (or all of them) =P



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  1. vintage decor’s mine!!

    • get it get it!! you’re gg to HK anyway!!

  2. Ahhh, they’re soooooooooo pretty!!!

  3. JS is LOVE! :D

    • They are! I do wish I could get my hands on all of them! haha
      What’s your favorite JS item?

      • I have only tried their mix blush compact. So, I can’t really say there is a favourite just yet. I am dying to try their jelly eye colours though. :D

      • Oh i got one fo the mix blush compact and I love it so much I can’t bring myself to use it.. haha does tt make any sense? The jelly eye colors are great stuff, you should get them if you can!

      • Haha! That makes absolute sense to me. :P That is how I feel about Guerlain items. LOL!
        I intend to get my boyfriend to haul loads of JS stuff for me from Taiwan. Hehe, he is flying back there in oct. He told me he is prepared to receive the longest credit card bill of his life. :D

      • Lucky you! I’ve gotta keep my eye out for friends/colleague heading to HK or TW to help me haul my JS..
        Guerlain’s been having quite a lot of promos and I was rather tempted to get one of the sets with the Beige Meteorites last weekend but didn’t in the end. Hoping for a promo with the Pink Meteorites =)

  4. hello!
    just wondering how much is the mixed blush compact retailing for in HK?
    i have a friend going over so i might want to get her to CP it for me ^^

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