Expo Sales are Love

July 23, 2009 at 8:26 pm | Posted in Beauty | 5 Comments
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I love it when its sale season here in Singapore.. Besides eating, shopping definitely makes it onto the list of national pastimes. I especially love warehouse sales, mostly for their great discounts and slashed prices. This post is rather backdated since the sale ended early July, but never too late to share a good bargain =)

A couple of these I got myself when I first went to the sale, but I had help picking up some items I had regretted not getting.

You gotta love Lunasol e/s palettes for more than 50% off retail. At the previous Robinson’s expo sale, I had snagged myself a couple for the same great discount, so I was pretty happy to snag myself another 2 this time round.

By the time I arrived at expo, they only had Sheer Contrast Eyes in 05 Orange Coral, and Noble Shade Eyes in 04 Yellow Variation left, as well as the 05 Blue Green Variation which I already had.

Colours I wouldn’t normally pick out of a full release, but what the heck, 50%!!

Sheer Contrast Eyes in 05 Orange Coral

Noble Shade Eyes in 04 Yellow Variation

Besides Lunasol, Givenchy was also going for a wonderful discount, and since I had earlier purchased my first Givenchy blush, I figured why not add to my collection!

I love the classy packaging for the Givenchy compacts, and the their powder makeup are sooooo smooth!!

Sadly they only had the refill for blushers, but since I already had one with the compact case on its way over from Aus, I figured I can live with getting just the refills. They really remind me of the Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compacts when I look at them. Pigmentation is great and the texture is to-die-for smooth.

02 Timid Rose (This was given to me by mistake by the SA as I had originally wanted to get a Visage powder instead of a blush. Lucky I didn’t already have this shade, so I don’t really mind)

04 Charming Violet

05 Red Passion

I’m quite amused that my Givenchy collection when from 0 straight to owning 4 blushers, and 1 foundation compact. But all for a great bargain!! All these barely cost me S$180!!

You bet I’m waiting for the next Expo sale!!



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  1. okie, the more i look at orange coral, i wished i bought it too. :P
    next sale next sale!

    • hahaha i actually prefer orange coral to yellow variation actually.. or rather i prefer the sheer contrast eyes to noble shade..
      next sale must go on the first day!!

  2. Wooot, you never cease to amaze with your hauls!

  3. LOL my hair normally resembles a lion’s mane… puffy and frizzy and a lil bit wavy. It sounds bad but I assure you that it’s worse than it sounds hahaha.
    I love rebonding my hair too – makes it so much more manageable, fuss free and soft! But the only downside is I get lots of split ends after a while. Do you go for rebonding sessions often?
    So far, I only have five products from the ELF Studio line. I must say that I only like two of them – one is the powder brush and the other is the under eye concealer.
    Oooh, MQ is slightly cheaper over here! S$ 57 including the casing? I can’t wait for the fall collection to come!!! I want me some BR364. I know I said BR365 previously but BR364 looks much better after looking at pictures from a Taiwanese? blogger. Whatever, I want either one. The word LE never fails to tempt hahaha.
    Oooh, I bet you can’t wait for your friend to go to HK! heee~

  4. SALE!
    WAT SGD180 for 4 blush & 2 palette OMG, when will i ever get to chance upon such deal??

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