NOTW – Purple Shimmer

September 8, 2009 at 9:26 pm | Posted in Beauty | 3 Comments
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Here’s a quick NOTW that I’ve had since Sunday. I wanted to go for something less pastel, a darker shade, which I don’t usually use on my fingers since mistakes/chipping are much more obvious. But I just felt like it, so what the heck.

I got this one in JB very randomly, one of those 3 for 10RM kind of stalls. At first I got it cuz it was cheap and I didn’t have anything quite like it. But I’m quite impressed with it as it applied very smoothly, and 2 coats was decent enough. It is more shimmery then glittery which I kinda like. All in all, I’m happy with this NOTW!



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  1. I love purples and this one looks really good!!!
    Glittery polishes are pretty but a pain to remove :[

  2. I just sent your package out earlier this morning, I hope that you’ll get it by next week! =D
    Ooh, I did think that that you’d use the cream shadows in the palettes!
    My camera is the same! The pics turn out so dark and dull *arghhh* But I don’t feel like getting a new one either heheee~

  3. I’m so sorry that it took me so long to send it!!! I wish that everything is computerized over here instead of me having to bring my own glue to the post office to stick stamps hahaa
    I think the cream shadows from Kate aren’t available in MY. I wanted to swatch them everytime I visit a Kate counter but I couldn’t find them
    I’m lemming for the Fasio and Integrate fall palettes! The weird thing is Gradiation Deep Eyes isn’t even out in MY til now, so I don’t think I can see the fall ones anytime soon :(

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