EOTD Lunasol Dark Variation

September 14, 2009 at 9:26 pm | Posted in Beauty | 12 Comments
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Last week was Lunasol Week so from Monday to Friday I used a different Lunasol e/s palette for my eye makeup. lol.. I usually like to pick what to use randomly on the day itself, but having a brand-themed week is pretty interesting too.. Here’s a look I did with Lunasol’s Nobel Shade Eyes in 02 Deep Variation.

The lighting’s not too great, but I actually like this look quite a bit. I have 2 types of Lunasol palettes, Sheer Contract Eyes and Noble Shade Eyes, of which I had preferred the Sheer Contrast Eyes. But after one week of using the various Lunasol palettes, Noble Shade Eyes are really growing on me!

Lunasol shadows are silky smooth and a dream to blend, and pigmented too! They’re pretty foolproof too as shadows in the same quad are designed to complement each other for very wearble looks.

The bits of glitter you see is actually from the Kate Gel Eyeshadow in BR-2 which i used as a base.

Overall, I’ve grown to love my Noble Shade Eye palettes and will definitely try to get my hands on more Lunasols!

Leaving you with a close-up shot of this pretty baby =)



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  1. this was the one i skipped yes?

    • I think the one you skipped was orange coral? I got this during the first robinsons sale.. together with blue Green coral

      • i’m always mixing up with what i have and do not have. hahahah

      • hahaha I think i also mix up lor.. I have Blue Green Variation, not Coral…

  2. You’re making me lem for Lunasol!!! Bad girl!
    Meeep! You have Canmake’s 04 Chocolate Stripe? Me wants!!! Erm, does this count as breaking my no buy? hahaa

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ehem, yes please, I would love a CP! I was super excited at the 20% discount ehehee. Are there any Lunasol counters in Metro?
    Which EP palette are you lemming? Excited to know! I might change my mind once I know your choice since I’m eying T-5 because it’s LE hahaaa
    Thank you so much for keeping the Canmake blush for me!

  4. Only one Lunasol counter? Ehhh, I thought that there would be more!
    You’re right! I was squealing when I saw the magic phrase: 20% discount!!! And of course, the second magic phrase: would you like a CP?
    Thank you so much, it is super sweet of you to offer hehee~
    Do you think you can sneak in a picture of the palettes? I can’t even swatch/see them in person! *sniff*
    I just saw this when I was googling for EP!

  5. This is the first time that MY is faster than SG! I saw CM Eyes last month. The weird thing is: Coffret D’or raised their prices! CM Eyes is more expensive than SA Eyes.
    Aww, don’t tempt me into getting EP’s coffret!
    Oooh, I thought you brought your camera out! Did you friend wonder at your request?

  6. I’m no longer lemming for Fasio once you told me that Metro might go on a sale later this month heheee~
    I’m searching for reviews on T-5 and T-6 but I hardly got anything :( Should I get a pink palette or a green one? What do you think?

  7. Thanks for your insight! I dunno, I feel that I have a quite a bit of pink palettes and only one green one. So maybe T-6?
    I think I should go for T-2 or T-4 since I don’t have any blues or neutrals. Is Majolica’s BR799 considered a neutral palette? I will have a blue palette soon but I dunno… hahaa! Decisions!!! What do you think? As you can see, I’m pretty indecisive!

  8. I totally get what you mean, blue might be too OTT! I don’t think I own any blue shadows except for Shattered from Urban Decay. Can you do an EOTD with any of your blue palettes?
    I was looking at Lunasol’s 02 Medium Night and EP’s T-6… Don’t you think that the greenish khaki shades look slightly similar? I think I’m leaning towards T-6 after this observation as I’ve been wanting 02 since forever hahaa
    BTW, just found out that EP is going to launch in MY sometime next month *wheee* But I think with the 20% discount plus HE brands in MY are NEVER discounted, it’ll be better for be to get a CP heheee~

  9. Sometimes Isetan and Parkson do give vouchers for eg: RM 10 for every RM 100 spent, BUT, you can’t spend these vouchers in the beauty department *urghh*
    Rebates and anniversary promotions only appear in my dreams ;p GWP wise, you need to spend at least RM 350 or more (depends on the brand).
    Ahh, I did swatch the blue Jeweling Eyes on Monday but the price didn’t interest me. I wonder why are they increasing the price for the newer collections when it remains the same in JP?
    I just rifled through my drawer and the only blues that I own besides the UD one is AC Makeup Kirakira Eye Shadow 03 and a deep blue in MM Trick on Powder GR750. My mother bought it for me after she saw me eying it longingly hehe~
    Oh yeah, I also saw some Naris Up e/s palettes in Isetan; Japanese brands are really making their way here~ Btw, totally random but did you know that Vietnam has Integrate?

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