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Don’t you just love wonderful friends who are willing to help you CP stuff on their travels? Other my recent Japan CP, I had another wonderful colleague who recently went to Taiwan and offered to help me CP stuff.. Readers of this blog knows my love affair with Taiwan.. lol.. you can bet I had a list in mind.. but I eventually withered down the list to just 3 items, cuz I really didn’t want to be a bother to my colleague.

Sadly as fate would have it, she had trouble finding 2 of the items, which were the new Lavshuca Light Mix Eyes. But she didn’t come back empty handed for me!!

Just this one is good enough for me!! She even got them to gift wrap it even though it got kinda squashed during her travels.. hahaha its the thoughts that counts.. Love the dainty pink ribbon!

No surprises I got a mix blush compact.. lol.. did anyone expect otherwise?

But the surprise lies in which one of the mix blush compacts did I get… haha nope it’s not one of the new ones – Little Bouquet or Sweet Biscuit.

Yup! I went really retro and got myself 01 Baby Blush.. Thought the new releases were tempting, as new things always are, 09 Little Bouquet looked kinda similar to 03 Coral Glow which I got previously and I was kinda skeptical as to how 10 Sweet Biscuit would turn out with that brown shade. So I went back in time and asked for 01 Baby Blush..

You gotta love the packaging.. It’s what you’re really paying for.. lol..

I am so happy with this baby!! It is suitably different from 03 Coral Glow, which is more peachy and corally, which means I now have a pink-toned JS blush compact as well as a peach-toned one! I love having a variety of shades to play with!

I won’t harp on the quality of the blush, as reviews are widely/easily available and have been for long.. But I will tell you this blush is simply lovely to look (stare) at and to use! The colours mixed together gives you a soft, pinkish glow, kinda like the name of it – Baby Blush.. It’s very sweet and give the loveliest flush! I’ll surely be reaching for this baby often..

Now which one should I aim for next? lol…



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  1. hey, great minds think alike yae! i got mine in that shade too. As i was not so adventurous to try out something so new like the biscuit shade haha.
    Erm seems like all of us here in SG is so into their watsons shopping, how i wish SG watsons can offer that kind of wide range and price too.
    Btw about the gmarket, shipping is according to actual weight of item sent. But when you start searching for any buys, the approx weight of the item will be display but normally the seller will indicate a very kiasu figure ex. 1kg for 1 etude nail polish, for my last haul, i paid Estimated Weight :13.10 Kg but the Actual Weight :2.48 Kg was so i got the refund back almost immediately. the shipping fee was won17,700, the shipping for 13.10 was won45,200 guess there is a base rate thus its cheaper to get more…haha happy shopping!!

  2. Pretty!!! *drools*
    Do you know of any sites that give a larger view of all these blushers?

  3. Thanks for the link, Luna!
    She owns all ten of them!!! I’m drooling at her collection hahaa~
    Honestly, I can’t choose my favourite! All of them look so gooooood! Which do you prefer, 03 Coral Glow or 01 Baby Blush? Arghhh, even their names are cute! :)

  4. New aim huh? I wish you luck in choosing one out of the 8 left… they are all gorgeous!!!
    Right now, I’m leaning against 04 Hot Cherry. For some strange reason, the light brown shade appeals to me. Or maybe that’s because I’m looking for a beige-ish blush :)

  5. hi gal, no problem for the gmarket info… I love to help, especially when it comes to shopping!
    when they do refund it will be in your Gaccount which works like credit… guess they just wana make an excuse for you to shop more as you have balance with them. Btw if the shipping difference say the shipping actual cost won10,000 but you prepaid won7,000, they will required you to top up before posting as it exceed their maximum of won2,000. exceed within won2,000 they will not hesitant to mail out 1st… hope this helps too.

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