Coffret D’or Colour Mixing Eyes 04 + EOTD

October 12, 2009 at 8:16 pm | Posted in Beauty | 7 Comments
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I have mad love for Japanese eyeshadows, be it drugstore – Lavshuca, Kate, MM or counter brands – Maquillage, Lunasol and most recently, Coffret D’or. I had been lemming to try this Coffret eyeshadows since I first played with the testers for the Shine Accent Eyes in  Taiwan. But as we all know, I got very distracted by Maquillage then, and sadly forgot about Coffret D’or. However, my lemmings were revived in full force by the Coffret D’or’s new Colour Mixing Eyes. The colours looked vibrant and gorgeous and I knew I needed to get my hands on them. But being the cheapo I am, I waited rather impatiently for a sale or some sort of discount. My prayers were answered by the Metro 20% sale! It’s becoming quite a frequent event since the last time I majorly hauled there was barely 2 months ago!

I haven’t actually done a post on my total haul during the sale, which actually happened before I went to Bangkok.. lol.. But here’s a part of it =)

Coffret D’or Colour Mixing Eyes 04, which is the purple variation.

I love love the beautiful casing!! It’s so sleek and pretty with the pink crystals! But fingerprints kinda ruined it.. o_O

Some random descriptions, weird Japanese words that I am not understanding..

Finally the main attraction.. I am so in love with this right now. The lilac and purple are just perfectly complementing shades to create a lovely feminine look that’s fresh and girly at the same time.

Pigmentation is great and they apply and blend really smoothly – quality is great! They’re shimmery, without being OTT, and the finish is great!

Here’s an EOTD I did for last Friday. With Casual Fridays in my office, I get to play with colours more then during the rest of the weekdays.

I have such bad lighting in my room I literallly had to squat by the window and angle myself towards the light.. It was an exercise in body contortion.. lol..

I used all the shade in the palette for this cuz I was just playing around with it. The pale lilac I applied all over my lids for a softer wash of colour, and then the purple from lashline to crease. Line with the dark purple and highlighter with the white. Turned out pretty well.. I was most pleased with being able to almost-decently line my eyes.. But by the end of the day, the dark purple had kinda migrated to the top of my lids as well.. lol..

Oh yah.. I had UDPP Sin on as a primer. Coffret D’or’s becoming a new love, and reviving my love for purple too!



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  1. this is nice! u can take purples/lilac really well!

  2. Wow
    this coffret dor palette is super amazing. I just adore the color intensity and how lovely it is blended in. I regret not getting a Coffret D’or palette from Japan :(

  3. Very very pretty! You look very good in purples =D
    Speaking of Coffret D’or, did you see their 2010 spring collection – Jewelcious Eyes? Prettiness! CD’o never ceases to amaze :)
    But I’m wondering if we’ll get 4.6 grams of shadows like CM Eyes with that arrangement?

  4. I’m hoping that the price won’t increase! Did I tell you that CM Eyes is more expensive than SA Eyes in MY? From the layout, the net weight seems lesser in Jewelcious Eyes :( That was one of the first things that came to my mind when I saw it haha ;D
    Please do show us the rest of your haul! Did you get anything else from CD’o?
    AND, I am lemming for the newest limited edition Glam Hunt Eyes from Visee. Pink casings and the word LE always sucks me in! :)

  5. Nice EOTD dear! I’ve been eyeing these CM Eyes from Coffret D’or as well. They look easy to blend! The colors look great on you! I haven’t been on Livejournal for so long. I kind of miss it, lol. Nice review!

  6. Thanks for your e-mail! I’m waiting for your reply~
    I was never really interested in Coffret D’or’s eyeshadow palettes as I’ve heard of how sheer they are but this entry perked my interest! You never fail to make me lem for Japanese stuff haha
    LOL, the first thing that went through my mind when I saw Visee’s fall (or holiday?) collection was: must squeal with Luna over this! hahaha

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