Urban Decay Deluxe Palette

October 18, 2009 at 9:27 pm | Posted in Beauty | 2 Comments
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It occured to me that I never posted about this particular palette which I got during the not-so-recent Urban Decay FF sale. With 30% discount, it was haul time! I completely ignored the fact that I had barely broken in my first UD palettes, the Sustainable Bamboo Shadow Box. Oops..

I was having such a dilemma over which one to get.. the Ammo box or this Deluxe box. Guess it’s obvious who won.. lol

It’s kinda kitschy with the metallic cover and velvet, but I kinda like it.. lol..

Nine shades of beautiful shadows, and travel sized UDPP!! Pretty good deal if you ask me =)

In all it’s full glory! Good size mirror, sponge tip applicators which I will likely never touch.. and nine lovely eyeshadows!!

One of my reservations when deciding between this and the Ammo box was that this Deluxe palette had much brighter shades, which I had a hard time picturing myself wearing to the office.. 

But my love for colours finally triumphed over my practicality.. lol.. I’m sure I can find some way to make it work-safe!!



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  1. Urban Decay!
    i am so in love with urban decay it’s not even funny… I have one of their black eyeshadows and they are so spot on with pigmentation!! I am so jealous of u cause u got this lovely bright palette!! i think shag, scratch and underground could be worn to work and u would look fabulous.. pls do some looks in future with this palette Luna sweetie :)

  2. kinda kitschy heheee~
    One of the reasons why I got the Ammo box is because it came with a full sized primer potion. I’m not exactly lemming for Book of Shadows Volume II but the desire for it is simmering at the back of my head hahaa

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