Blush Haul

October 27, 2009 at 10:25 pm | Posted in Beauty | 3 Comments
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My obsession with blush is creeping past borderline into full-blown scary.. Thanks to Kim who allowed me to use her discount from, I psyched myself into hauling blushers.. yet again..

Such a small package but such great damage (to my bank account).. lol…

Pretty self-explanatory yah.. Feeling kind beat now, so I’ll reveal the contents in due time.. haha feel free to make a guess which shades I got.. lol..



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  1. I’m going for Deep Throat!

  2. BLush
    well.. I really can’t guess since i am super unfamiliar with blushes. but the one thing bloggers seem to love is orgasm blush?? or do u have tat already? hehe

  3. great beauty minds does thinks alike. You are wearing that blush today you must be feeling great.
    I got the Smashbox blush too, like i say maybe we got the same taste. you got me curious for the rest of ur blush. i wana c all the blush u got, swatches pls…

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