Beaute de Kose Cameo Peach

November 2, 2009 at 8:16 pm | Posted in Beauty | 9 Comments
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Been kinda busy lately and feeling bit old and haggard as my birthday approaches in a week’s time.. lol.. Which has resulted in me sinking into a bit of a rut in terms of playing with colors.. I haven’t had much motivation to play with colors and have been sticking to my neutrals for the office and even the weekends..

This is one of my neutral palettes which haven’t gotten much blog-love from me, so I’m going to have one entire post dedicated to it! hahahaha

Notice I tend to keep stuff in their original box/packaging as much as possible.. Takes up too much space, but old habits die hard..

I love how sleek this palette looks, with the full-mirror exterior casing. But fingerprints just kinda ruin the whole look.. so gotta handle with care.. lol..

lol… long ingredients list which I don’t pay attention to..

A-2 Cameo Peach, a beautifully subtle neutral palette which is smooth and almost creamy in texture. The 3 shades complement each other perfectly, and I can create soft feminine but practical looks with these. Great for the office and a no-brainer to apply.

There are so many ways to play with these 3 shades, and the really hard to go wrong with them. A beautiful and very user-friendly palette for anyone who likes fuss-free neutrals!



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  1. Luna, you’re getting old! ;D
    Pretteh! Your eyeshadow palettes never fail to make me green with envy. Definitely robbing your room haha!
    I’m getting dizzy looking at the collections that Lunasol released over the years. They’re all starting to look the same -.- I want me more base makeup though~

  2. Hey, my birthday just passed, I’m still feeling like an old fart, hahahaha.
    I like that palette. I’m like you when it comes to shiny casing. I
    get all anal if I see fingerprints everywhere, lol! Nice palette!

    • Happy belated Birthday to you dear!! Fellow november babies unite!! hehehe
      lol.. I can’t stand seeing fingerprints all over the casing.. gotta get rid of them after every use.. lol..

  3. the colors are really pretty.. great for the eyebrows and a light goldeny eye!

  4. ya me too, its kinda space killing habits. but couldn’t bear to discard boxes from like jill stuart, kose etc…
    thats y i always like neutral colors as you can’t tell how bad i am with makeup as the colors are really safe to wear.

  5. woah! when did you get this baby? and how muchie?

    • I got it from a seller online a while ago.. BN only $28.. good hor.. hahaha

      • i have not been scouting for great deals lately. no time man. but i will! i will very soon! haha

  6. […] reviewed Beaute de Kose’s Eye Color Classure in A-2 Cameo Peach several years ago and I’ve loved the brand’s eyeshadow formula ever […]

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