NOTW – Alice Blue

November 7, 2009 at 12:01 am | Posted in Beauty | 6 Comments
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I love weird nail colours.. I think in my entire collection of nail colours, I have a grand total of no more than 4 red/pink polishes.. hahaha

This NOTW is a really sweet blue, and I have gotten many compliments and comments about how pretty it looks! Seems I’ve developed a reputation as "the funky nail polish girl" in the office.. lol..

This is yet another Elianto nail polish, a sweet and pretty blue colour very aptly named Alice Blue.. Again its very long lasting, as I’ve had it on since Sunday night, this picture was taken on Thurs night, and now it’s Friday night and still no visible chipping! Amazing I say!!

Bright and Cheery blue that lasts all week! All for 5rm, approximiately S$2.. What a great deal! I’m loving Elianto nail polishes!!



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  1. Ohh, that’s a pretty blue! Though I don’t wear nail polish since I suck at applying it, hahaha.

    • I’m no expert at application either.. the ends/sides always look scraggly.. lol..

  2. I like the name Alice Blue =D
    I should have gotten a Fasio palette for myself *arghh!*

  3. Yes to all three of your questions!!!
    The EP palette looks good! Plus it has 5 colours, so I guess this means that the net weight went up?
    2 new LE Eyes Creator from MQ! Do they wanna kill us with all these LE things???
    One of the new Lunasols look similar to 02 Medium Night! How many Lunas did you get actually? Swatch them already, I wanna admire them too hahaa~

  4. wow! i was reading another blog with a bright blue nail polish tutorial!!I love how happy this color looks!made in Korea and it’s only 2 SGD!! my gawd, a steal babes!

    • Hi Luna, I kinda accidentally selected anonymous… too used to blogger. I left the comment above.. ><

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