Lunasol Dazzling Night Makeover

December 11, 2009 at 10:21 pm | Posted in Beauty | 9 Comments
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During the official launch of Lunasol’s fall collection at Takashimaya a couple weeks back, any purchase above $50 entitled you to a free makeover by one of their Japanese makeup artists.. I had already made my purchase(s) earlier during the anniversary sale, so I wasn’t eligible.

But due to a stroke of luck and my powers of persuasion, I managed to coerce persuade a friend that she needed to buy two of the new palettes. Since that went well over $100 in total, I shameless asked to book the both of us for makeovers, and the SAs agreed! hahahahaha

I had never had a makeover done by a makeup artist before (prom makeup doesn’t count.. and that was eons ago..) So I was eagerly waiting my turn why my friend was getting her’s done. She chose 04 Star River for her eye makeup, as she had been pondering whether to get it too.. lol..

When it was my turn, I decided to choose 03 Dazzling Night, as it is my favorite of the collection, and I wanted to see how it would turn out when done by a professional guy.. hahaha..

I had a lot of fun during the makeover as the MUA is a really funny Japanese guy who speaks pretty cute accented Chinese.. He was really amusing and knew what he was doing..

I wanted to go for the natural look, as I really wasn’t dressed up for a glam look that day.. hahaha

The most amazing part for me was how he did my lashes.. If you notice from my past EOTDs, reviews.. I don’t use mascara or eyeliner regularly.. if at all.. So this was like Woah..

hahaha I’m just going to put up as many pictures as I can cuz this is probably the only time you’ll ever see pictures of me with mascara on.. lol..

Come on.. you know you wanna see more.. hahahahaha

I gotta say I love Dazzling Night even more after this makeover.. I was afraid initially it would be too dramatic a look to carry off, but I love the way it turned out!

*flings more random photos at you*

Man I wish I could make my lashes look like that everyday.. lol..

I love this photo.. my lashes look amazing.. hahahahaha *shameless*

Ok here ends my eye-parade.. Kudos to Mr Satoru who did my makeover, he was lots of fun and I loved the final result!!



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  1. Oooh, look at your lashes!!! Long and luscious, me likey!!!

  2. you should use mascara! even your lower lashes are super long =D
    I tried charming violet, and i really like it! thanks so much for telling me that it costs $ 20 one the phone during the sale hahaa XD their new le prisme blush are le sigh~

  3. the price is yums!!! even cheaper than my bihada blush!
    btw, bihada masks costs rm 10 for 4 pieces here -.-”

  4. Darling chill!!! i don’t think they’re authentic. i mean, 4 pieces for rm 10 is quite unbelievable. plus, they’re sold in pasar malams. they look authentic though…

  5. You look beautiful! I love your lashes babe! <333

    • Thanks dear! I wish I could make them look like tt everyday.. lol..

  6. WOW!
    i love ur lashes babes. Those are really sexy eyes and I must say that MEN are GREAT MAKEUP artist. I love ur eyes so so much… time for me to check out lunasol. I dun think i can resist anyyy longerr

  7. this comment is super late but better late than never!
    anyway, walau! your lashes are so full and thick! when i did a lash extension, it wasn’t so thick loh! WALAU WALAU WALAU! u have nice features!!!!!! i’m jealousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    • hahaha u jealous what.. I would never be able to achieve this by myself.. hahahahah I think I’ve applied mascara myself less than 5 times.. and it didn’t end up looking like this.. lol

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