Jill Stuart Mix Blush – 02 Rose Bloom

December 14, 2009 at 8:28 pm | Posted in Beauty | 6 Comments
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I can’t seem to stray too far away from posting about blushers.. Considering my immense case of blush-crush, I guess you’ll have to bear with me as I have such a backlog of blushers to post about.. lol..

Of my numerous blushers, the Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compacts hold a very special place in my heart.. They’re girly, pretty, pigmented, and basically every blusher lover’s wet dream. I bought my very first one – 03 Coral Glow from Taiwan earlier this year, and got a CP for 01 Baby Blush shortly after that. I just had to fill up the gap in between.. lol..

I picked this up from a seller online, and it came without a box or the brush. But since it was at a much-discounted price, and I don’t really need the brush, I snapped it up.

And with this baby, I’ve got 01,02 and 03 of the Jill Stuart Blushers! woots!

As I mentioned before, 03 Coral Glow is a peachy blush and 01 is a lovely pinkish one. In comparision, 02 is a more cool-toned pink, borders on mauve-ish especially on the bottom left square.

Without flash

With flash. It came to me lightly used, with the etchings still slightly visible.. In my experience, these come off within a few uses, so I’m glad I got it in a pretty good condition.

I’m such a hoarder that I can’t get the idea of collecting them all out of my head.. lol.. pity 05 Pastel Peach is LE and no longer available.. That kinda dampens my collector’s spirit.. but if anyone has one in need of a better home, let me know! hahahahaha



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  1. isn’t this an evil post? it has jill stuart + the word discount in it ;D
    your xmas present will be very belated too! it’s most probably a late january gift hahaa. do you want anything from etude house besides the eyelid primer? i’m buying some goodies soon-ish (when I say soon-ish it means not so soon).

  2. I swear, you find the best deals! I need to be where you’re at – at all times, lol. I’ve never owned a JS blush before. I mainly just liked it for the packaging, haha.

    • hahaha cuz i spend an unhealthy amount of time scouring for bargains..
      JS blushes are great stuff! not just the packaging though that’s probably what attracts most people at first.. lol..

  3. ya, i agree with blair that this post is evil… you always get to have good deals? WHY! hopefully my fren can hear me!
    anyway, thank u so much for helping me to get my guerlain palette.. any chance if you know how to apply them? as i recently bought a guerlain palette from Jamilla but the color after using those jap palette applying methods dun work well though.

  4. Jennifer (lifeandlensofbeauty.blogspot.com)
    I have #10 and I love mine! Hope you enjoy your blushes from JS :)! (i have a blush crush too)

  5. hey!
    how can i ‘follow’ your blog like on blogger.com do you know ? :D
    do you think JS blushes look pretty much all the same in terms of their swatched colors? (i think esp #9 and #10), and tons others as well :/ that’s what stopping me from hauling on their blushes. but I’m very happy to own just one at the moment :P i’m eyeing on their 2 new variations to be released in Jan 2010! <3 you should check them out!

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