Mask of Magnaminty

January 6, 2010 at 9:23 pm | Posted in Beauty | 1 Comment
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You gotta love a product with such a cheesy name.. hahaha

This was my Xmas present from dear Plue and my first ever Lush product.

I’ve used it a couple of times since I got it, so here’s my 2 cents about it.

I’m as lazy-assed as they come, so something that looks like a mask, scrub and exfoliator all rolled into one? Sounds pretty good to me! The description sounds pretty all-in-one doesn’t it? Gotta love such committed copyrighting.. lol..

The smell to me is heavenly.. I love mint and this one smells just like a delicious minty dessert.. but it does kinda resemble someone’s undigested stomach contents doesn’t it? lol..

Cuz i’m wary about sticking my grubby fingers into the tub, I use a mini spatula to scoop out some product and apply it all over my face. I don’t really like the whole thick face mask cracking over my face feel, so I usually apply a pretty thin layer.. The feeling immediately upon application is a refreshingly cooling feeling. Kinda tingly for a few moments, nothing uncomfortable though.. There are some grains/seeds and what-nots in the ingredients, which are more obvious when you apply it all over ur face..

It dries relatively quickly, since its pretty thick to begin with.. My face doesnt’ feel too tight when the mask dries, unlike some other masks.. This one actually feels kinda comfortable.. The minty/refreshing feeling lingers for a bit longer than the tingly feel, which I actually enjoy.. I usually wash it off in a srcubbing motion after 15-20mins

So far after a couple of uses, I have to say I love how it cleanses my skin so well, without drying it out and leaving it too tight. After washing it off, I feel completely clean and refreshed, which is a feeling I love.. hahaha.. I can’t vouch for the pore-tightening effects though.. cuz I didn’t really notice any drastic changes in the size of my over-large pores.. lol..

All in all, I love the feeling of using this mask, and actually look forward to using it at least once a week! I just wish Lush was more easily available here, as I’m lemming to try out many of their other much-raved products.. hehehe…


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    you make me want them more than i could. but so far away.. need to work on some swap on this. any more lush review coming up?
    I received the Guerlain palette, its heavenly love. and you added extras for me… is my mind too simple for all of you to read. i was thinking to get the benefits primer as i have yet tried and wana buy off from their website as there is promotioin going on. And the next day (which is ytd) i recd the sample from you. not to mention the additional polish, stila & o2 stuffs.
    will you be getting anything from the benefits?

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