Kat Von D Rock n Roll Eyeshadow Duo – Riff Raff

February 22, 2010 at 10:13 pm | Posted in Beauty | 2 Comments
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You might recall in my recent US haul that I picked up some Kat Von D. This brand isn’t available at my local Sephora, and I’ve always been curious about it, being a brand evolved from a tattoo artist, you gotta admit the premise is pretty cool. I spotted the Kat Von D display at the very first Sephora I stepped into, along 34th street near my hotel.

I was immediately drawn to a little sign that said "Sale – 50%".. What a sight for my tired and sore eyes.. You know nothing cheers me up like a good deal.. lol.. The entire line of Rock n Roll Eyeshadow Duos were on 50% off, so they were only going for US$10 each!! That was too good a deal for me to pass up obviously..

Right off the bat, I was pretty impressed with the packaging. I really like the black box with floral motif, has a really artistic feel to it, and it’s pretty solid, not flimsy packaging at all.

The rose motif is repeated on the casing itself, and again the case feels pretty solid and well-made.

US$10 for 5.5g of product is pretty good don’t you think? hahaha

Surprisingly, the inner cover comes with a pretty good size mirror, great for applications on the go I guess.. but without an applicator included i’m not sure how effective that’s gonna be.. lol..

Riff Raff is a dark espresso brown duo split down the middle. The left half is infused with shimmer/glitter while the right half is more of a pearly/satin finish.

And here comes my main gripe with this Duo.. there really isn’t much difference between the 2 halves. Except for the glitter in the left half, both shades are essentially the same. Not particularly helpful as there really isn’t any contrast in the 2 halves..

The texture isn’t that great either, nothing horrible, just not the greatest I’ve tried. The shadows are pretty hard and it took about 3 swipes with my fingers to get these swatches. I find that using a sponge applicator helps to pack on the colours as brushes just doesn’t seem to produce the intensity I want. Pigmentation is alright if applied properly, but overall it didn’t wow me.. Which is why I only picked up one of the numerous colours available.. lol..

I’m glad I got this at 50% off, at full price i would have felt ripped off.. I hear the Kat Von D palettes are much better though.. we’ll see about that soon.. =P



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  1. It looks pretty rock and roll haha XD

  2. […] hadn’t been too impressed by my previous experience with Kat Von D’s Rock n Roll Eyeshadow Duo but I’d also heard that the True Romance palettes are much better in terms of quality. So I […]

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