Hauling Urban Decay in Singapore

February 24, 2010 at 9:18 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments
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There’s a bit of an irony in admitting that this haul took place the day after I arrived home from US. It took some internal struggle before I made my way to the cashier to plonk down some hard cash.

The main problem I have with hauling locally is that almost everything here can be bought cheaper elsewhere.. UD for example is cheaper in the US. The el’ cheapo in me rebels against the idea of paying more for UD when I’d just had the opportunity to get them for cheaper in the US.. lol..

But of cuz there was a good reason for me breaking my internal cheapo code.. UD had just launched in Singapore the week I came home, and they were running a promo whereby any purchase of 2 items would entitle you to a GWP. And boy was it a great GWP.. lol..

Can you tell which are the items I bought and which are the GWPs? hahahaha

All these were absolutely FREE!! Reportedly worth more than S$140, this GWP was the main thing that broke my cheapo code. I simply couldn’t resist such a good deal! I actually had to rack my brain to decide what 2 items to buy at full price just so I could get this GWP.. lol.. I eventually ended up with the new UDPP Eden and a Lipstick in Peroxide.

The lipstick case is one of the cutest and most elaborate I’ve come across. The little dagger sticking out the end is just too cute!! hahaha I love the purple casing too, and this is really one lipstick you wanna carry around in your bag to whip out for touch ups while you’re out.. lol..

Peroxide is a lovely pinkish nude shade (more pinkish than nude) that I thought would look most natural on me.

Though I could have gotten both these items from the US for a cheaper price, the GWP was well worth the extra few dollars, as most of the items were either full size or a generous travel size (makeup remover, 2 e/s and 2 travel size liners, mini mascara and 2 UDPP samples.)

Moral of the story is that this cheapo is easily enticed by freebies.. lol..



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  1. i totally agree with your last line…
    “this cheapo is easily enticed by freebies”

    • hahahaha u know i cannot resist freebies mah..

  2. haha, a friend of mine caved in and purchased UD too just to get the GWP! I can’t believe they gave so much! that lipstick looks amazing!

    • haha I think loads of ppl were attracted to the freebie.. they ended up making it a GWP for purchases of over $120 instead of just 2 items.. lol..

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