Etude House Pore Diet Essence

April 23, 2010 at 10:40 pm | Posted in Beauty | 5 Comments
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Having oily skin and enlarged pores is such a bane to my existence that I’m always on the look out to try anything that promises "Matte" or "Pore Control". I previously found something that really delivers on the "Matte" promise – Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. So I wanted to quickly review a "Pore Control" product I’d been using for a while.

This Etude House Pore Diet Essence is house in a solid green glass container with a pump attached to dispense the product. One thing I love about this is the packaging. The whole product has a very solid and ornate feel to it due to the weight of the glass container and the motif on the top of the cap (not sure if you can see it clearly from this picture)

Another thing I like about  this is the texture of the product. As you can see, its a gel-based liquidy texture (does that make sense?) I usually dispense two pumps onto my palm and rub both palms together before apply all over my face. I find that this way the product is spread more evenly over my face, and is absorbed faster, leaving no sticky feeling. I apply this after my toner, before my moisturiser, so I prefer that my essences/serums not leave a sticky feeling.

But the main point remains – does it shrink my pores? Sadly I don’t see much difference even though I’ve been using this twice daily for the past few months, and I’m almost done with the whole bottle. The pores on my cheeks have perhaps shrunk marginally, but those on my nose register little to no change. As much as I wanted to love this product, it didn’t produce the results I wanted fast enough. I wouldn’t repurchase this, but those without much pore problems to begin with might find this a good essence to just help maintain the status quo.



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  1. then i suggest the Its Skin Effectors. They really work! not kidding! =D

  2. It’s kind of strange because I have dry skin, but I have enlarge pores on my nose. I found out it’s because I don’t moisturizer that much… lol~ After moisturizing, it has decreased a bit. I still need to find a product that will decrease it major-ly. If you find one, please tell me… hehe~

  3. luna gal, i’m using this too. sad to say not much changes on me so far.. but its not a product that i will hate so probably will seek for bette one rite after i finish. at least after application my face feels oil-free!

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