Belated Haul – Too Fab + Spring Forecast

April 26, 2010 at 8:19 pm | Posted in Beauty | 7 Comments
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You didn’t think I’d skip those 2 collections did you? lol.. what self-respecting blush fiend would I be if I didn’t haul from the not-so-recent Too Fabulous and Spring Forecast collection?

As usual, my haul too some time to reach me since my friend helped me purchase them from DFS and it took some arranging before we both could meet up.. lol..

Nothing more beautiful then a pile of blushers lying around. Don’t you agree?

Let’s start with Spring Forecast, the highly anticipated and raved about collection that brought us the spectacular blush ombres. Gradient blushers!! My excitement knew no bounds. I HAD to have them, or rather I HAD to have three of them.. lol..

Ripe Peach needs no further introduction. It was so highly raved about that it promptly sold out everywhere known to mankind. People have written sonnets about it, dedicated a shrine to it, named their first born child after it.. so I don’t think i need to further add to the madness..

Azalea Blossom is my second favorite from the collection, a beautiful cool-toned pink/purple that’s so pretty to look at =) It really does remind me of flower petals..

Vintage Grape is something I don’t have in my collection, deep purples aren’t my usual tastes in blushers, but this one is a beauty and I couldn’t resist.. Well at least now I have a purple blush just in case I need one.. lol..

Shortly after the Spring Forecast collection, I ended up hauling from the Too Fabulous collection too.. There is no part of me that can resist mineralised blush duos.. tsk tsk.. I don’t think these need any introduction either, so just enjoy the photos.. =P

I have to say these are all absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to try out each of them (can you tell I’m completely swamped by all my hauls?) lol..

Though I sometimes begrudge MAC for putting out so many new collections in such short periods of time, I forgive them completely whenever they throw a series of such pretty babies at me.. Such a love-hate relationship i have with MAC.. tsk tsk..ļ»æ



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  1. I’m sooo regret of not getting the Too-Fab Mineralize Duo.. :'(
    I wanted to get Azalea Blossom together with Ripe Peach, but the SA make my cheek look like monkey’s butt with the AB. So I did not get that.

  2. Sorry dear. Dunno what happened the comment came out twice.

  3. Wahhh~ You have Ripe Peach! I’m so jealous… hehe~ When it first came out here, I didn’t want it thinking I had already too many blushes. After it’s sold out, I so regret not getting it. :/

  4. choo
    gradient blushers look pretty!! the jill stuart also has 4-coloured blushers too. qte similar to the too fabulous collection.

    • Re: choo
      Gorgeous aren’t they? =P
      hmmmm I don’t really see the similarities between jill stuart’s mix blush compact and the Too Fab collection? Unless you’re referring to their fabulous level.. lol..

  5. Ting Ting
    Awesome haul! Totally make me drooling looking at those babies! =)

  6. Wow great haul esp with some disc.. If only I grab that raved ripe peach too. I wonder how nice it would look on me :P
    U are def a blush queen, I only grab like one blush for each collection. I need to curb my blush shopping otherwise there is no way I could finish them.

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