Blush Crush: Red Earth’s Pink Horizon Sea Star

May 10, 2010 at 8:39 pm | Posted in Beauty | 10 Comments
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Have you ever done a double-take in a crowded mall during a weekend? lol.. it’s quite a feat to accomplish without any accidents happening. But guess what made me do a double-take?

Yup this was what cause my mini skid marks on the shiny floors of Plaza Singapura, right outside the Sasa.

More specifically, guess which item caught my eye? lol.. no prizes for guessing..

As if possessed, I entered Sasa and headed straight to the display. I played with the swatches, listened to the SA ramble on about how it’s new and LE, all the while in my head I was already stroking it like Gollum and the One Ring. It didn’t take long for my ownership to become legal, and I was happily out the door!

Red Earth was never high on my priorities list, I’d never wanted anything in particular from them. But for me to want something so badly I’d just grab it and pay retail price for it?! I tell you it was love at first sight.

As I await MAC’s To the Beach Collection with bated breath, Red Earth seemed to have the same idea as this collection is titled Ocean Treasures. Pink Horizon Sea Star sounds pretty cute doesn’t it?

Bronzey case does evoke images of the beach, a tan, sun and sand doesn’t it?

Amount of product is pretty decent, 9.5g. Contents from Italy!

I know I was toying with you by putting all those nonsense photos up front.. but it’s all worth it!! lol..

Gorgeous isn’t it!! I want to kiss it for being so pretty.. muackxxxx

Rest assured I cleaned off the slobber before doing these swatches.. lol.. Pigmentation is great and though there’s a layer of overspray glitter, I think they’d probably come off with the first couple of uses.. I’m so in love with this that I need to go admire it somemore.. right now… lol..



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  1. I saw this too! haha pretty pretty!
    guess what? i’ve been eyeing pink blushes lately! the warmer pinks without the blue undertones.
    looks like i’m really a blush fan now. HAHAHAH

    • hahahaha you’re finally out of ur closet..

      • OMO!
        it’s is so purdy! now i dunno if msia got or not becuz i never like Red Earth! Now i need go and see! OMO OMO OMO!
        and kim kim, i think u love blush cuz ur skin is improving yes? I kenot remember what u use but I think u wrote review, Vita Creme B12? XD

      • ya! my skin improved from the b12 cream! =D

      • good for u hor! today i go see red earth! XD

      • hahaha go see go see!! It is pretttyyyyyy

      • u is blush fiend lah. XD sure encourage me wan!

  2. I agree with you. MM does try to come up with some unique color combos which is why I tend to look forward to their new palette releases. But they’re definitely not worth watching as they were before. Thank you for the review and swatches!

  3. These are so hot! I’m especially love the Smoky Ocean. I hope you do swatches and post looks with these palettes.
    Yeah, I definitely loved FaceQ. Just sad I used both of them up… hehe~

  4. loll.. it wasn’t on top of my list then.. I think i was just really excited to spot it sitting in Duane Reade when the entire collection supposedly sold out months ago.. hehehe

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