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May 17, 2010 at 9:01 pm | Posted in Beauty | 5 Comments
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You know I get all excited over blushers, but my excitement level was off-the-charts on these!! I was practically bouncing around in my seat when I first saw them on the interweb. Like every blush fiend, I eagerly made my list and thanked the blush-loving gods that I was able to get a CP from the US so soon =P

You saw these in my previous haul entry, but I got request for swatches, so here they are! And a bit of great news, these have just been launched at our local Sephora!! And a bit of bad news, they cost a whopping S$55!! as opposed to US$25!! Now I’m no mathematician, but I know the exchange rate isn’t that much.. lol.. Gotta love that they launched these, but gotta hate on the price hike! 

After combing the web for swatches and pictures to help determine which ones I should get, I decided upon #6 Quickie (left) and #14 Star Struck (right). On the Sephora website, Quickie is described as a "Salmon Pink" while Star Struck is described as "Pale Peach". Well I love me some salmon, but did I really wanna wear it on my cheeks?! lol..

I’d read that these are tiny, but I was still struck silly by just how tiny they are.. Barely the size of a lipstick! But they do pack a powerful punch in that tiny package.. Size doesn’t really matter does it? o_O

Comes with a pump dispenser, which I have a love-hate thing going on with. I love it for the hygiene factor, and it will help preserve the quality of the cream blush as exposure to air will cause the product to dry up and harden. However, I wish it wasn’t such a challenge to use the pump to dispense just the right amount of product. To the uninitiated, one pump is definitely way too much product. And unless you’re working the local clown circuit, you’ll definitely be wasting the excess, since you can’t get it back in. It does take a certain amount of practice and dexterity to get just the right amount out from the pump.

See what I mean? really hard to get the right blob size.. Quickie on the left, Star Struck on the right. The amount you need is probably somewhere between the 2 blobs, you really don’t need all that much for a product so pigmented.

Blended out slightly to give you an idea of the colour. Quickie is a very beautiful pinkish shade on my cheeks, whereas Star Struck is a very sweet peachy shade. I love them both, but currently am leaning towards Quickie as it seems to show up better on my cheeks.

Sheered out for a more accurate gauge of how it would look like on your cheeks. Unless of course you’re running for mayor of Clown Town, then no sheering out needed. =P

The pigmentation is simply amazing, I can understand why they’d get away with such a tiny product, you really don’t need very much each application. The little tube will last you forever and then some.. You can get way with just using your fingers to blend the product on your cheeks, but I always prefer brushes, so I dot some product on my cheeks and quickly use a stippling brush to blend it out. You have to work pretty quickly as the cream starts to dry and become streaky really soon, beginners might taken some practice on this. I’m admittedly not a big fan of cream blushes, Singapore is too humid and sticky for me to enjoy cream products, plus I’ve got oily skin, which combine with more cream is just a disaster waiting to happen. But I have to say I love what MUFE has come up with in these HD Cream Blushers. I also love that they came up with 14 different shades right off the bat, and definitely would like to get my hands on more. Though I’m not inclined to pay the exorbitantly marked up price at local counters.. Probably have to find someway to CP myself somemore of these goodies.. any volunteers? hahahaha..



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  1. These are such great blushes or from the swatches I did at Sephora. Hot dang though it cost $55 over there!?!? O_o At least I learned something new today. I didn’t know there was Sephora overseas. Now I know… hehe~
    Thank you for wishing me luck on job hunting!

  2. Oops I read it wrong… hehe~ It’s still expensive though. I would not pay extra $14 for a blush knowing it’s cheaper on the other side of the country. To be honest, that’s how I feel about buying Korean products here. I bought single VOV CastleDew eyeshadows for $3.33 in Korea. It’s $12 here. :/ I can’t bare to buy it even though I love them… hehe~ :X
    I tried e-mailing you at but it came back to me as failed. Did I get the wrong e-mail addy?

  3. I think we all have our inner cheapies. I know I do for sure!… hehe~ :X

  4. haha thank you! tats v nice of you!! but is there anything you would like to try out too?..cos like not v nice to take without returning!!plus its ok hehe i still have alot of bb creams i have not used yet haha..

    • oh i forgot to add..the both colours are v pretty!!BUT 55 =.=

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