Blush Crush: The Body Shop’s Fuschia

June 8, 2010 at 9:17 pm | Posted in Beauty | 1 Comment
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Remember I got this from my recent KL trip? The Body Shop had this crazy sale while we were there, and I couldn’t resist getting some great bargains.

I’ve never been into The Body Shop’s cosmetic range, though I have been tempted once or twice. I remember checking this out when it was first launched, but I didn’t really think it was worth the price. However, a sale is a different thing altogether.. hehehe we all know how weak my willpower is during a sale =P

Look at that price tag! It was RM79, less 50% and additional 10% cuz we paid with a Maybank credit card (thanks to Ah Plue’s BF!) After discount and conversion, I basically paid only about S$15 for it!!

They only had one shade available, which was Fuschia. I find it’s more of a medium rose pink instead of a straight up fuschia as it’s not quite as bright as I would expect true fuschia to be. Despite the misnomer, I find this blush quite delightful. I love the rose motif, though not so much the loose pieces of glitter that reside in the grooves. I ended up trying to blow them away.. lol..

It’s actually quite nicely pigmented, not crazy pigmentation like NARS or MAC, but acceptable level of pigmentation that I can layer for different effects. I’ve come to love this blush and have been using it frequently since I returned from KL. I find it’s quite a sophisticated pink that works very well for an OL-Office Lady look.

I’m definitely going to pay more attention to The Body Shop’s cosmetics range from now on =)


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  1. Gasp, such a pretty blush from TBS!!! Which do you prefer, the starfish from Red Earth or TBS’s rose?

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