Mini Shiseido Hydro Powder Eye Shadow Haul

August 24, 2010 at 8:48 pm | Posted in Beauty | 6 Comments
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I’m seldom quick enough when it comes to buying stuff off blogsales or forums, my timing is usually quite off.. but I’m quite happy with my most recent purchase from a local forum! I managed to snag 2 Shiseido Hydro Powder Eyeshadows for a great price!

I love using cream shadows as bases, as I find they help prolong my eyeshadow’s vibrancy and prevents creasing. But of course that’s also dependent on which cream shadow I use as a base. There are some terrible ones that are just a crease-fest. I’d heard good reviews of Shiseido’s Hydro Powder Eyeshadows, but never wanted to shell out S$39 for them. But when these 2 popped up on sale, I had to grab them =)

I picked up H11 Rose Tulle and H12 Lemon Sugar.

H11 Rose Tulle is a lovely light pink shade, while H12 Lemon Sugar is a light yellow gold.

H11 Rose Tulle turned out to be really sheer but quite shimmery as compared to H12 Lemon Sugar, which is more pigmented and less shimmery. They’re both creamy and applies smoothly with a brush as well as with my fingers. These make great bases, as they help any eyeshadow layered on top last longer, with only minor creasing after almost 10 hours of wear. I like the shimmer effect, as it makes my eyes look more awake and less "Garfield-like".. which is the usual case as I’m perpetually sleep-deprived. lol..

Though I love these, I don’t think I would shell out S$39 for these, as I think that’s a bit exorbitant for such a product. I will gladly pick up more if I can get them at a discount, but then again.. who wouldn’t.. lol..



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  1. OMG!! The packaging is uber cute~~~ :)
    But it was very sheer indeed.

    • I actually don’t mind sheerness cuz I use them as a base… But I guess more pigmentation would be good.. hahaha

  2. Hello! Do u mind sharing which local forum u got them on? FP or CC?

    • hihi! I got them from sg_beauty

      • Ah okay! Thanks for sharing! Must have been there too late, cuz I didn’t see it! Enjoy using it! I have H10 Languid Lagoon and I love it! :)

      • Thanks! haha I’m usually too slow for sg_beauty’s weekends sales.. Oooh. Languid Lagoon sounds like a gorgeous colour!

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