Coffret D’or Trance Deep Eyes 05

September 29, 2010 at 9:36 pm | Posted in Beauty | 5 Comments
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I’ve been told by the Kanebo SAs that Coffret D’or will no longer be sold in Singapore after this latest collection, which really saddened me as I have come to love Coffret D’or as a mid-range brand from Kanebo. I went home and decided to dig out some of my neglected Coffret D’or palettes.. and was reminded once again how much I like the brand. Tragic news I tell you..

Coffret D’or’s Trance Deep Eyes was one of the earlier eyeshadow palette collections, but I only managed to snag this quite recently from a promotion at Takashimaya. As usual, I chose 05 which is the neutral shade combination.

One thing I’ve always loved about Coffret D’or is the beautiful silver and pink casing. They’ve had several variations now, and the newest C-Curve Eyes palettes no longer follow the silver-pink combi, but this still holds a special place in my heart.

As usual with Japanese makeup, there’s a pictorial tutorial on how best to apply the palette. It’s pretty idiot-proof.

05 is a neutral quad which I’m sure comes as no surprise to everyone.. lol.. I do love my neutrals.

Unlike many of my other neutrals, 05 actually leans towards the cooler-tones. The four shades work well together and there’s a slight amount of shimmer in each of the shades, but nothing overwhelmingly glittery. I don’t suppose I need to elaborate on the quality of Coffret D’or’s eyeshadows, and this palette certainly does not disappoint.

I especially love the taupe shade (3rd from left) as it is a a gorgeous shade on it’s own, but works really well with the dark espresso brown on the right as well. I think I’ve fallen in love with this palette all over again as I’ve been reaching for it quite often. It’s become a staple neutral palette for me, and one of my favorite cool-toned neutral palettes.

I know I for one will miss Coffret D’or very much when it leaves our shores. Sadly it’s become yet another brand I’ll have to acquire from overseas. Well at least they’re not discontinuing the entire range completely.. thank goodness.. Now that would be tragic..



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  1. Luna! I’ve never tried any Coffret palettes, but they sound great. You always make neutrals look less boring, lol.

    • hi Dee! you should try coffret d’or if you get the chance! They’re the sister brand of Lunasol and they’re fab! I’ve been boring and sticking with neutrals during workdays.. too lazy to think of colour combis.. lol..

  2. you will always have me to help you buy! and then we can start our ahlong relationship d XD :P

    • hahahaha u also want to be my ah long?! i go overseas and buy myself! hahahaha

      • ROFL i don’t mind, cuz u also can be my ah long too!

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