Pupa Luminys Satin Sheen Baked Face Powder 05

October 19, 2010 at 10:43 pm | Posted in Beauty | Leave a comment
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That’s certainly a mouthful for a face powder name… Pupa is a brand that’s always been around my peripheral vision, but I’d always get distracted by something else. I remember picking this up many months ago during one of SASA’s 20% sales. I don’t even remember why I got this! lol..

One thing I have to gripe about is the packaging. Doesn’t it remind you of some futuristic spaceship blob? It might appeal to some, but the odd curve shape of the case makes it a pain to store and arrange.

I got shade 05 upon recommendations by the SA, it’s just a teeny bit lighter than my skintone.

The Space pod opens up to a mirror and (fairly useless) puff(?). I don’t even bother to try using it, as i much prefer using brushes to apply my face powders.

It does bear an uncanny resemblance to MAC’s MSF Naturals doesn’t it? As with most baked products, the powder has a slight sheen to it, though no noticeable shimmer/shine. I like that this is a no-fuss product. You can basically use this as a foundation if you don’t need coverage, or as a face powder after your foundation routine. The finish is very natural and it doesn’t cake on me, which is always a plus. Sadly it doesn’t offer much in terms of oil control, and I start getting oily after about 3-4 hours.

From the unblended swatch, you can see that the shade is a little lighter, though I have to say my hand is darker than my face. But once blended out with a fluffy face powder brush, the finish is smooth and natural, with a tinge of natural glow – unlike some face powders that completely mattifies you skin. I like to use this when I’ve got on a more oil-controling foundation routine, so i don’t oil up quite so soon!


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