Lavshuca Melting Eyes OR-1

November 22, 2010 at 9:19 pm | Posted in Beauty | 5 Comments
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My love for neutral eyeshadows is well-documented, as is my love for Lavshuca. Hence I think I was one majorly happy person when Lavshuca launched their Melting Eyes range that featured variations of neutrals/nudes. I think I did a little happy dance when I first saw pictures of the collection. I had to wait very impatiently for either a CP or my trip to Taiwan before I could lay my hands on it, but it was well worth the wait.

Those of you eagle-eyed will realise that I didn’t actually get OR-1 during my recent Taiwan Trip. I actually received it via a CP a couple of weeks before I left for Taiwan. I had asked for just one of the Melting Eyes palettes so that I could play with it before I went to Taiwan to help me determine if I wanted to haul more.. lol.. look how that turned out.. hahaha

I don’t have many orange based eyeshadows as I’m wary of looking puffy. But swatches online convinced me that this OR-1 palette just might work.

The usual no-brainer pictorial tutorial. I actually like buying drugstore palettes in Taiwan as they come with descriptions in Chinese, which I’m much more fluent in than Japanese.

Nothing beats opening a brand new eyeshadow palette for the first time.. hahaha.. I really like the quilted texture of the eyeshadows, reminds me of another palette that I love – my Prescriptives Fall Dimensions Quad.

The shades are pretty standard gradation combination common to Japanese palettes. Those of you who’re weaned on high intensity pigmentations/colours such as MAC or Urban Decay might find this terribly boring and plain, but I find that Japanese palettes have greater emphasis on wearability and subtlety, which are characteristics I look out for.

Melting Eyes seems to have brought the already great texture of Lavshuca eyeshadows to a new level. Each shade is soft and smooth without any chalkiness. They really do seem to melt over your eyes and blend like a dream. As a OL, I love how effortless this palette is, and the end result is understated and subtle but definitely not boring. Like many of my other Japanese brand neutral palettes, this is a great choice for the office, and it’s one of my rare orange-based palettes. I’m definitely loving Lavshuca’s Melting Eyes range, and I’m glad I managed to pick up 2 other palettes from the range while I was in Taiwan!



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  1. You know Luna, every time I ween out of buying neutral palettes, you always make a post that makes me want to buy more! HAHA. I don’t know anyone else with a great range of neutrals as much as you!<3

    • hahaha neutrals are just awesome since I work in an office environment. And they’re a no-brainer!!

  2. im a no-brainer when it comes to eyeshadows *hi-fives* haha this quad would create a perfect ‘muted’ look i think :)

  3. […] did a happy dance and proceeded to haul during my trip there in Nov last year. I’ve reviewed Melting Eyes OR-1 and now I bring you […]

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