A Tartan Gift

December 1, 2010 at 10:08 pm | Posted in Beauty | 7 Comments
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Lame title I know.. lol.. I just put in 12hrs at work so you’ll have to excuse any lack of wit in today’s post.. Which happens to be super belated as this was a birthday present! My birthday’s been over for about 3 weeks.. lol.. But better late than never..

I received this from a couple of my GFs as a birthday present, and I have to say I was really quite happily surprised! When the Tartan Tale collection first launched at the Ion Sephora, I remember browsing it with my GFs and oohing/aahing over the lovely plaid designs.

My eyes naturally gravitated towards the gorgeous blue plaid case. It didn’t even really matter what shades the palette contained.. It was blue and I wanted it.. lol..

Only after I received it, I realised that this is the Beauties Play it Cool Eye Shadows palette. hahaha..

Thankfully the palette turned out to contain shades that I love!. It’s a cool-toned grey/purple combination that I would totally wear =)

Under natural light.

With Flash.

It means a lot to me that my GFs got this for me without me even realising that I’d wanted it! hahahaha does that make sense? I’m really thankful for my wonderful friends who know me better than I know myself =)



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  1. Love that purple on the lower left hand side!
    You know I love plaid so I nearly had a heart attack when this collection came out, but I had to resist because I had so much makeup already and I didn’t want to spend more. I was neglecting too many things I bought! haha.
    Your GFs are so kind to get you this!

    • That was me without logging in.
      Got too excited, LOL!

      • lol.. i have way too many neglected items too!

  2. That’s a gorgeous palette and so nice of your friends! :)

    • it’s really gorgeous isn’t it! hahaha the largest appeal is the case of course.. lol..

  3. lol…you liked blue and purples ? ;)

    • hhahaha yup yup.. I love blue, but they’re hard to carry off so lucky the case is in blue but the e/s are grey/purple which I prefer =P

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