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December 2, 2010 at 11:27 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments
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There are products that makeup addicts whisper about in reverent tones. Chanel’s range of Joues Contraste Powder Blushes certainly falls into that category. As a self-confessed blush fiend, I had to find out what’s all the buzz about!

Candy isn’t one of the most raved about shades or even one of the most popular shades. But it was love at first swatch for me and it has the dubious great honour of being my first Chanel Joues Contrast blush!

I’ve read that there are two versions of the Joues Contrasts blushes, the US and European versions. Seems like the ones we get are the European versions. I have no way of comparing as I don’t own any of the other versions, but I love my Chanel blushes so it doesn’t really matter to me =P

Most luxe brands’ items comes with the ubiquitous velvet pouch which is an excuse to collect dust and lint, but I do appreciate the sentiment.. lol..

I love the classy black chic of Chanel’s packaging, and you just know by looking at their double C logo that they really don’t need to embellish on the packaging to attract your attention. This is old-school classic at it’s best!

Much as I love cute and pretty designs on packaging, I love simplicity too. This way nothing distracts away from the awesome-ness of the product!

Candy is a lovely peachy-pink shade which really should come as no surprise given my high propensity to purchase such shades. hahahaha.. I love baked blushes and I find the perfectly shaped dome of a new baked blush to be extremely fascinating.. weird much.. lol..

Candy isn’t overwhelmingly pigmented so it’s hard to go wrong during application. But it looks extremely natural on my skin, and instead of looking like I’m wearing blush, Candy makes me look naturally flushed, as if I’m literally blushing over something.. Does that even make sense? hahahaha.. The shimmer is quite subtle so no need to worry about looking like a disco-ball. I’ll always have a soft spot for Candy as my first Chanel Joues Contrast Powder Blush, but the hoarder in me is definitely seeking to go forth and conquer!! =P



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  1. The color reminds me of a blush that came out with the felines collection! I can’t remember which but that blush look lovely. I’m on a makeup ban right now but ah, I would to splurge on a Chanel blush! I always hear good things about them.
    Oh! And I wanted to ask you. I remember you hauled some Hada Labo Shirojyun lotion and milk? Can you do a review on them if possible? I have the lotion and was thinking about getting the milk, but wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

  2. oh em geee you got a Chanel JC! I don’t have one yet :P hehe….you like dome-shaped blushes?!?!

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