Butter London Nail Polishes (US Haul)

March 8, 2011 at 11:47 pm | Posted in Beauty | 3 Comments
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I’ve been lusting after Butter London nail polishes ever since I saw gorgeous swatches of "All Hail McQueen" online. But sadly, Butter London isn’t available here, and it’s almost impossible to get it shipped over at a decent price. I’d almost given up hope on owning any, but a stroke of luck had me discovering a selection of Butter London polishes tucked away in a little pharmacy on 6th Ave, New York. So naturally, some of them made it back home with me =P

I picked up (from left) Big Smoke, Branwen’s Feathers, All Hail McQueen and Thames. Believe me when I say I had a tough time narrowing down to just four.

You can see from the price tag there that I bought these from Windsor Pharmacy on 6th Ave. I actually chanced upon it while trying to hide from the cold.. What a pleasant surprise it turned out to be! I found displays of Butter London and Deborah Lippmann!! But that’s another post for another day =) For US$14, these aren’t exactly cheap, but I’d read good reviews of their formula and the colours just called out to me.

I found the small round cap under the big rectangular one a bit unwieldy when I was applying my polish, but that’s more a problem caused by my clumsy fingers than anything else.. lol.. I didn’t face any problems with the application and formula, it was opaque in two coats, which is always a good thing for me as more coast means more potential for clumsiness.

First one I tried out was Big Smoke, which is a colour right up my alley. I’d describe it as a smoky navy blue, and in some lighting it strangely reminds me of denim..

Lifted from the Butter London website, it is described as:

Big Smoke   |  big smōk  |  
The big smoke, an affectionate name for the city of London, due to heavy smog caused by Victorian chimney stacks and trains.

Gotta love that each of the names of their polishes comes with its own story! Here’s an excerpt of what the other polishes I picked up mean.

Branwen’s Feather   |  bronwens ˈfeðər  |  
Branwen is a female raven belonging to the Queen of England. She currently resides at the Tower of London.

All Hail The Queen   |  all heyl the kween  |  
All Hail is used as an acclamation or welcome, as in "All Hail this gorgeous lacquer".

Thames   |  temz  |  
The often mispronounced river that runs through London. It’s “Tims”, you crazy Yanks!

Hilarious I tell you.. lol..

I really do wish Butter London polishes are more easily available. I probably wouldn’t even mind that hefty price tag! (maybe just a little.. )



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  1. this colour is pretty~~ ggrr on it being unavailable here..

    • major grrrrrr!! And it doesn’t help that no one ships nail polishes overseas.. double grrrrrr….

  2. […] time ago, I bought a couple more Butter London nail polishes to add to my collection which I never got around to […]

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