Blush Crush – Guerlain Soleil Couchant

March 16, 2011 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Beauty | 2 Comments
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I have a soft spot for Guerlain products, and it’s actually one of the only few high-end brands that I willingly shell out full-price for. Of course I had to pick up a blush from them. What kind of blush fiend would I be otherwise?

Guerlain’s current range of blushes are the Blush 4 Eclats, blush quads.

I was actually recommended 02 Soleil Couchant by my trusty Guerlain SA as she said it’s the most suitable one for my skintone.

When am I ever gonna finish 9g of product?!

The velvet pouch that protects the case from scratches and what-nots.

I have a love-hate relationship with Guerlain’s mirrored casing. I love how sleek and shiny it looks, and I hate how many fingerprints it attracts..

There’s just something magical about opening the case of a Guerlain product. I just know I’m gonna be smiling when I see the contents =)

02 Soleil Couchant is a lovely mix of peach/pink/beige/coral, that works really well together. The texture is unbelievably smooth and blends like a dream when applied using a brush.

It’s not the most pigmented blush I have, but it’s certainly one of the most naturally glowy ones. I love that I can easily layer this and build it up to the intensity I want without fear of overdoing it. It gives me that "lit from within" glow that I love for a natural everyday look. And it just makes me look so healthy and glowy!

Love it!



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