Blush Crush – Inglot 32 & 38

April 19, 2011 at 8:44 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments

While we’re still on the topic of blush (which seems to be always..) I figured why not post up my Inglot blushes I purchased in NYC during my US trip earlier this year. Gosh.. how time flies.. It seemed like just a couple of weeks ago when I was freezing my butt off in the US.. lol..

I was first introduced to the wonders of Inglot during my Eastern Europe trip last year. I picked up a few items to try and was instantly hooked. I was really impressed by the Face Blush in 84 and was really excited to find out that there’s an Inglot store in NYC, mere minutes from my hotel!

Though I was very tempted to go crazy, I managed to control myself and haul only two face blushes. 32 (left) is a strawberry pink while 38 (right) is a golden coral.

One minor gripe about Inglot is that their products are all numbered instead of named, which makes them hard to remember.

I noticed that the US Inglot store doesn’t seem to carry the full range of Inglot products available in Poland. I didn’t spot Face Blush 84 which I’d purchases in Poland, and in fact, only blushes in the 30+ range were available. I took my time wandering around the store and finally decided on these 2.

But thankfully, awesome pigmentation and quality prevails across continents! I love both of my new acquisitions, and they certainly live up to my expectations.

Shopping in Inglot NYC: I have to say the Inglot store in NYC has an amazing array of products to choose from, and the layout is really great for browsing. I went quite late at night, but since shops in Times Square close around midnight, I still managed to make it. I was the only one in the store and both SAs were friendly and welcoming but definitely not pushy or hover-y. In fact they left me to browse after I told them I was familiar with the brand and just wanted to look around. The SA who attended to me was helpful and didn’t seem to mind that I was taking my own sweet time swatching blushes and nail polishes. Of course, it probably helped that I ended up hauling a fair bit. lol..

Overall, I really enjoyed shopping at Inglot NYC and I’m already looking forward to visiting again!! (one day…)




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  1. ★★★★★

  2. Oh you got yourself some Inglot! I read about them and while the reviews were great, I hate dealing with just # and that put me off from buying Inglot. The pink looks like something I would pick up, so soft and wearable!

    • I dun like the numbering system too.. but the quality and price are too good to resist :P plus its just not possible to walk out of the store empty handed.. lol..

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