Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

April 20, 2011 at 10:01 pm | Posted in Beauty | 2 Comments

I’m taking a break from posting blushes today, just in case you guys are getting bored =P Believe it or not, I’m actually not done posting up my entire US haul, which actually happened in Jan/Feb.. lol.. Procrastination should be my middle name.

Physicians Formula’s Shimmer Strips are by no means new products, in fact I had seen them around during my previous trips to the US. Just that I never really got around to hauling them so this time round, I’m making up for lost time. lol..

I ended up with 5 Shimmer Strips, and a few were even discounted by another US$3! The boxes were pretty cumbersome and I soon got rid of them, but not before looking at the illustrations showing the different looks you can achieve with each Strip. Pretty useful I gotta say..

The packaging is quite no-frills, just a clear plastic casing, which makes it really easy to see find whichever Strip you’re looking for.

Green Eyes was probably one of the earlier releases and you can see pretty clearly how the Strip can be divided into three trios.

Pop Blue Eyes definitely lives up to it “Pop” name as the colours are super vibrant!

Funny how I wouldn’t have associated these lovely purple shades with brown eyes, but I imagine they’d look great.

Every girl needs a versatile smoky palette to work with, and this one like a great choice, with three trios of varying degrees of “smokiness” to choose from. Great day-to-night palette too!

Finally, the one palette which I’ve been using most frequently. For me, this is probably the most work-friendly one out of the bunch, as it’s basically the classic smoky eye without being too over-the-top. I usually wear neutrals or natural smoky eyes to the office, so this one naturally gets picked up most often.

The first two trios from the left are very work-friendly and perhaps even the last trio, if done lightly. The shades are all pigmented and apply very smoothly. Besides using the shades in trios, you can also mix-n-match different shades within the palette to achieve different effects. With 9 shades to work with, the possibilities are endless!

For the average US$10 I paid for these (usual price around US$12, but some were discounted), they’re definitely worth the price! Physicians Formula is actually oneΒ  of the drugstore brands in the US which I really enjoy browsing as I find their products to be of good quality and they’re usually quite affordable.

I’ve only swatched my favorite Smoky Brown Eyes, but if anyone wants me to swatch the others, just let me know =)




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  1. wahh great haul!!! so much colours i bet i will just stare and them and not sure which to choose for the eotd! XD <3 neutrals

    • hahaha it does seem quite overwhelming eh.. but very useful if you want a all-in-one palette.. Neutrals are the best!!

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