Illamasqua Haul

April 25, 2011 at 11:16 pm | Posted in Beauty | 3 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, Illamasqua had a discount code for 25% off everything. Of course I took the opportunity to haul, and together with a couple of friends and dear Sizbelle joined me on my order too!

Illamasqua ships internationally for a flat rate of Β£8.50 which is fairly affordable, especially if you combine orders (or order a heck lot for yourself). Shipping was quite prompt and took less than 2 weeks to arrive.

I tore into the box, I was greeted by gorgeous promotional materials for their latest collection Toxic Nature. I’m always drawn to their gorgeously elaborate and out-of-this-world creatives, which are nothing short of genius!

And tucked underneath are the our actual combined loots!!

I bet no one’s surprised I hauled blushes.. lol..

I picked up three powder blushes: Katie, Unrequited and Tweak.

From left: Katie is a pale baby pink, Unrequited is a soft candy pink and Tweak is hot pink bordering on fuchsia.

I was attracted to Katie by Amy who’d bought it earlier and shared her swatches with me. There was no resisting =P

I got Unrequited mostly to round out my collection, but also cuz who doesn’t need more candy pink blushes? =P

Tweak took me some time to decide on getting. I don’t usually go for hot pink or fuchsia blushes, but I had faith in Illamasqua’s ability to produce one that I could love. So I took the plunge and went for it. =)

Of course you would have noticed the numerous bottles of nail polishes in the box. Since Illamasqua’s one of the rare sites that actually ship nail polishes, and their nail polishes are to-die-for, my friends and I went a little crazy.

Yup that’s out combined pyramid of nail polishes.. Amazes me everytime I look at this picture. lol..

Blushes swatched in natural light: (from left) Katie, Unrequited and Tweak.

Blushes swatched under flash.

These round out my Illamasqua blush collection to 9 blushes.. o_O I think I’m about done with the powder blushes.. Next stop: Cream blushes!!! lol.. Doesn’t help that I just placed another order (*shame face*) but in my defense, there’s a 20% discount code going on till 9am Tuesday26 April (UK time). Just key in EASTER20 and you’ll get your Illamasqua for less!!

If you do indulge, do share your haul!! =)




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  1. OMG what’s on ur second order?!

    i wanna try their cream blush in “Laid”, powder blush in “Lover” and “Thrust” (ordered “Chased” from sephora 15% off sale) teehee

    • I ordered a couple of their cream blushes to try!! Lover is an amazing peachy blush = Must get!! Oh I got Chased too.. It’s fab!

  2. […] simply some of the best matte blushes I’ve ever encountered. This particular one I got during a sale earlier in the year, and though it’s not a terribly unique shade, I love it […]

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