Blush Crush – Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheeks

May 5, 2011 at 10:54 pm | Posted in Beauty | 7 Comments

I’m back from my Korea trip!! *waves* Much as I’d love to get right down to haul posts (you bet there was hauling.. lol..) but I haven’t yet had the time to unpack since I landed yesterday evening. So the haul posts will likely come next week after I’ve spent the weekend unpacking and sorting everything out =)

In the mean time, I’ve got other stuff to post about, namely more blushes!! lol..

I got these Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheeks from Taiwan last year, which makes this terribly belated.. lol.. Beautymaker is a brand by Taiwanese beauty guru Kevin who has a cult following due to his appearances on numerous Taiwanese talkshows such as the popular 女人我最大 (The Queen).

The Love Pu Pu Cheeks comes in 2 shades, Orange and Pink, with 4g of product each.

The packaging id really cute, with the dome shaped metallic case, and the pink ribbon print.

When you open the cover, the puff kinda just mushrooms out.. lol..

Under the soft and fluffy puff, the main attraction lies below a clear plastic separator that keeps the puff from the blush.

Each Pu Pu Cheek comes with 2 shades, one which is the more pigmented blush shade, and the other which is a shimmery shade that can be used to highlight or add glow.

Orange is a lovely peachy shade that leans warm, and give a very healthy looking look.

Pink is a universally adored candy pink which is fairly neutral but can lean slightly cool.

(Natural light) These are surprisingly pigmented, especially the shimmery shades.

(Flash light) I don’t use the puff that comes along with it as I always prefer to use my trusty Ecotools blush brush. However it is slightly difficult to just reach whichever half of the duo I want, and I usually end up swirling my brush across both sides of the duo. This gives me gorgeous glowy cheeks, but of course I try not to pick up too much of the shimmery side as I don’t want to emphasize my cheek blemishes.

Overall, for the very reasonable price I paid for these, directly from Payeasy in Taiwan, these are really cute and value for money =)




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  1. the design reminds me of hello kitty! but these seem cute, though the colour is far from being unique, malaysia selling i think, about rm45 or so

    • yah! the ribbon very Hello Kitty hor.. lol.. blush fiends very hard to find unique colours le lah.. we have everything.. hahahaha

  2. Very kawaii! Been wanting to buy some Beautymaker items but still figuring how to order from payeasy..Love the peach orange blush! ^^

    • It’s really quite easy! You just have to register for an account on Payeasy, choose your items and select to pick up at a convenience store in Taiwan – I usually pick one beside my hotel. Order a couple of days before you leave and by the time you’re in TW, you’ll be able to pick it up and pay on the spot! Easy-peasy =)

  3. pretty blushes~ :)

  4. […] This packaging is similar to the Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheeks, Holika Holika Love Fantasy Red and Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheeks.  […]

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