Korea Haul – Etude House, Tony Moly, Clio & Castledew

May 12, 2011 at 11:47 pm | Posted in Beauty | 11 Comments
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Just a quick one tonight as I’m pretty tired after a long day. It might seem as if the hauling never ends, but it will eventually.. I promise you..

I went into Etude House to CP some stuff for friends and hadn’t planned on getting anything since Etude House is quite accessible in Singapore, and they do have some great discounts which closes the price gap between Korea and Singapore. But I couldn’t resist the cute handcream set!! I’ve been lemming for those cute little fellas for the longest time, and finally told myself to just go ahead and get the set =) The Ginko Lip Patch was really a impulse buy as I was getting a couple of packs for my friends, I figured why not give it a try..

Again, I hadn’t planned on getting any Tony Moly as I had CPed previously but I went in to grab something for a friend, and came out with these.. In my own defense, I had wanted the Ice Queen Snow White Sleeping Cream since a long time ago, but had always been told by CPers that it was oos. So when I saw it, I just had to grab it. As for the Latte Art Milk-Tea Morning Pack, I suspect I was conned into getting this by how cute it is. Plus I love Milk Tea..

I popped into Olive Young (similar to Watsons) to check out Castledew, and spotted the Clio display. Clio Art Blushers have always been on my shopping list everytime I surf gmarket. But so far I’ve managed to resist the allure of ordering from gmarket. However I caved when I saw the products in real life.. There was no stopping me =P

And finally, the real reason why I even stepped into Olive Young. I’ve always enjoyed Castledew makeup, having purchased a few of them previously. I decided to add to my collection and came home with these =)

That’s it for tonight’s edition of Korea Hauling.. Stay tuned for more..




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  1. Hello, just stumbled onto your blog via Paris B’s MWS. Curious about the Etude House hand set and the Ice Queen Snow White Sleeping Cream – they sound rather cool and delicious, vis a vis the heat. Any chance you’ll be doing a review of them soon?

    • Hihi, Thanks for dropping by! Unlikely that I’ll review the hand cream set as I’ve ended up giving a few of them away to friends. But I’ll try to do a review of the Ice Queen Snow White Sleeping Cream soon. It does indeed sound just right for this sweltering weather =)

  2. When are u going to disclose what is in it!!!!!!!

    • lol.. soon soon.. I think they all deserve their own post don’t they? =)

  3. Ice Queen SNOW WHITE Sleeping Cream? You know I wish to become Snow White right?!? Will my dream come true? lol

    • hahaha yes yes Snow White Wannabe.. lol.. i’ll let u know if this will help make your dream come true..

  4. oh clio! could you do reviews on it? the packaging is just so pretty!

    • Yup I’m planning to review them once I’ve had time to test out properly =)

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