Korea Haul – Too Cool for School, The Saem, Sulwhasoo & The History of Whoo

May 16, 2011 at 11:58 pm | Posted in Beauty | 13 Comments
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Hang in there guys.. we’re almost at the end.. This installment of my epic Korea Haul, I bring you brands which are probably lesser known to us as they don’t have a presence here in Singapore.

I wandered into Too Cool for School on my first trip to Myeongdong, when it was drizzling and I was out searching for It’s Skin. Instantly, I was drawn to the quirky illustrations on the products and the whole aesthetic of the brand. I ended up getting some items including a box set that came with a primer and BB cream. That’s meant as a gift so I won’t open it for photos. I did get the Pudding Aqua Shaking BB and a eyeshadow palette for myself. It probably pretty obvious by now that I went through a base makeup phase in Korea, hoarding BB creams, bases like there’s no tomorrow. Can’t blame me as Korea’s got a mind-numbingly huge range of great base makeup!

I thought this stamp that came with the box set was pretty cool, and it’s part of the whole look of the brand that drew me in and suckered me into parting with my money..

Next stop in the rain was The Saem, a relatively unknown brand to me previously. Their only claim to fame in my memory was being endorsed by Lee Seung Gi (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Brilliant Legacy, 2D1N…), whom I’ve been developing a minor crush on cuz he’s cute.. lol.. Having been watching Korean TV for a few days in the hotel, I’d been bombarded with ads for The Saem’s Black Pearl O2 Mask, so I caved in and got it. I also got a few anti-aging products for my mom which was highly recommended by the SA. I ended up spending enough in the store to get a whole truckload of samples and posters of my pseudo-crush Lee Seung Gi!! He’s cute enough to sell me a truckload of products without even trying.. lol..

Last stop of that day was the Lotte Duty Free, where I picked up Sulwhasoo and The History of Whoo products. I’d read about these from Hope in a Blog which is a great resource on Korean brands/products. It turns out I had a friend who wanted to get these products too, so I happily indulged in the duo packs for both Sulwhasoo’s Snowise Whitening BB Base Duo and The History of Whoo’s Whitening Sun Cream. The Koreans make amazing base products, so I figured I wouldn’t go wrong with either. Plus I got a really good deal with the duo packs =P

I think after this, I’ve just got one more Korea haul entry, and then we’re done!!




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  1. wow! how much does the duo costs?

    • Ahh.. I can’t remember off hand, it was about USD70+ for the Sulwhasoo duo I think.. I’ll double check my CC bill and confirm with you again =)
      It was a pretty good deal!

    • Sorry for taking so long! I finally double checked with my CC bill and the duo cost US$72!! I think it was a pretty amazing deal =)

  2. Which do you prefer more? Sulwhasoo or History of Whoo? I’m trying to decide which to purchase. Thanks!

    • I’ve yet to try the History of Whoo, but my thoughts on the sulwhasoo are:
      – very light coverage (needs concealor if you’re spotty like me)
      – lightweight (no heavy feeling)
      – shade is slightly too fair for me, but it’s sheer enough that I can adjust with powder
      – natural finish

      I’d definitely recommend Sulwhasoo, but I’m afraid I can’t comment on how it compare to History of Whoo as I haven’t tried that out yet =)
      Hope this helps!

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  4. How was the Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Mask? I got the Diamond Miracle Bubble Mask, which is a different bubble mask, and it applies as a pink gel which subsequently fizzles and bubbles.

    • I ended up passing this to my cousin as she really wanted to try it.. So sorry I can’t comment on how it is..
      When I was in Korea, the ad for this was playing all over TV, which is why I ended up getting it =)

  5. Hi there,

    I love Too Cool For School too, the concept is cute! I have just posted about it here: http://life-bite.blogspot.com/2011/10/too-cool-for-school-skincare-make-up.html

    BTW, I also walked into The Saem becuase of LSG and ended up buying a lot of products because the salespersons was so nice! I agree with you that the he’s cute to sell me products that I haven’t even heard of a few months back!

    So is The Saem products good to use so far?

    • High Five!

      I’d only heard briefly about The Saem before going to Korea, but Lee Seung Gi was definitely the main attraction.. lol.. I’ve been using their gel/sheet masks and they’re pretty good! I’m really interested to try this new Chaga line released recently though.. =)

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