Korea Haul – Sheet Mask Galore

May 18, 2011 at 9:25 pm | Posted in Beauty | 13 Comments
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I’ve always been a big fan of sheet masks, they’re a great indulgence at the end of a long day, and a quick fix for my skin. I’ve accumulated a veritable mountain of sheet masks from my travels, mostly from Taiwan, Hong Kong and now Korea. The sheer variety of sheet masks available in Korea is mind-boggling, and they’re very affordable. In most stores, they come in packs of 10s as many people tend to buy in bulk. I saw a lady grabbing at least 10 packs of 10 sheets at Skinfood!! I wish i had the luggage space to do that, buy I had to control myself =P

The SA from The Saem was highly recommending their Gel Science range of face and eye masks, which uses gel instead of the usual papery material for the mask. The idea sounded quite intriguing so I bought 3 packs, which entitled me to a promotional price. While I was looking at these, a Japanese lady tourist came up and grabbed 12 packs without blinking!! So of course I had to jump on the bandwagon and get myself some.. lol..

I also got myself a pack of 10 of these cute Taro Teller sheet masks from The Saem. They’re tarot card inspired, with names like Queen of Wands (pictured), The Sun, The Lover, etc… I got an assorted pack of 10 for the cute factor, as they’d make great gifts =)

After our first day at Myeongdong, my friend let me try one of her Nature Republic Ginseng sheet mask at night, and I was pretty happy with the results. So on our next trip to Myeongdong, I picked up 2 packs of their Ginseng masks.

I was told to purchase 5 of these from The Face Shop for a friend, but since they only sold them in packs of 10, I figured I’d just get one pack and keep the other 5 for myself or give them to friends =)

At Holika Holika, I needed to top up my purchase slightly to reach a minimum spend to get more freebies (CNBlue stuff which I knew Ah Plue will love), so I decided to just grab a pack of 5 Magic Brightening Mask Sheets. Who can resist the words Magic and Brightening? =P

At Skinfood, I picked up some loose sheet masks to try as recommended by my friends who were literally stocking up in packs.. They had some of the yummiest sounding masks like White Chocolate!!

These were more expensive then the previous ones, presumably a more premium line. I loved Skinfood’s Peach Sake range, so I decided to pick up a few, and also the Black Raspberry ones to try.

At Olive Young (similar to Watsons), I saw a large selection of VOV sheet and wash off masks, which I had tried and liked previously, so I decided to grab a whole selection of them for myself and for friends. Their cute bottle design makes them attractive gifts!

Also at Olive Young, I came across these Hello Kitty Mask Sheets! I got them mostly for the cute factor, and I though my friends who like Hello Kitty would enjoy them too =)

Now for the freebies. I received these from the various shops either as a freebie to entice me into their shop, or as part of my GWPs. Korean shops are amazingly generous when it comes to freebies and samples. I can get loads of samples just buy buying a single item! Way to get customer loyalty!! Our local stores can really learn from their Korean counterparts on this matter! My friend even has a specific Holika Holika store she returns to each time she’s in Korea (at least twice a year) because they are the most generous when it comes to samples.

And perhaps the most bewildering mask acquisition of my entire trip. These 2 Collagen Sheet Masks from the makers of Beauty Credit were GWP for packs of seaweed I bought from Lotte Mart as food souvenirs for my family!?!? Imagine receiving sheet masks for a seaweed purchase!! Mind-boggling I tell you..

And with this post, my epic Korea haul, which has now spanned 6 posts has finally come to an end. I hope I haven’t bored all of you into tears, and I’ll be back with normal reviews after this!!




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  1. *waves white flag*

    I lost…

    Your hauls are insane lah! You buy like there’s no tomorrow. Fortunately I am beginning to curb my spending that’s why I do not haul that insanely anymore. But you….. you have way more stuff than I do now. CONFIRM GUARANTEE PLUS CHOP!

    • hahahah i really really need to get rid of some stuff.. I’m feeling very cluttered..


    It is too cute for words, seriously!!!!!!

    I now have 20 pairs of TFS Raspberry Roots Eye Masks in my fridge, it really is worth the money to haul and stock up in Korea. So its okay la, masks are consumable products, just do 1 every other day hohohoho!

    • Cute right!! I bought it mostly to give as souvenirs.. lol..
      ooh.. I bought 20 pairs of the TFS eye masks too!! But CPed for a friend =P Everything is so worth in Korea tt I just wanna stock up.. lol..

      • Omg! If it works and is so cute, I’ll just use it forever! The packaging is so attractive already!

        How did the My Beauty Diary skincare range work out for you? I got a mini trial set as well, the vanilla souffle thingy sounds so delicious!

        The TFS masks are totally worth the money, cp’ing masks are real tiring -_- they are so heavy!

      • lol.. dunno how well it works though..

        I haven’t tried out the MBD skincare yet.. I’m most looking forward to the vanilla souffle one too!! It looks positively divine..
        Masks are popular CP items cuz they’re so much cheaper in Korea!! But yah.. very very heavy.. My luggage was quite overweight when I came back o_O

  3. I bought Korean mask too :), my luggage full with kind brand of mask :)

  4. Hi there, can you please tell me what is the english name of the mask from the face shop? It’s the 4th photo from the top. I was given a whole set of these masks from a friend but I have no idea what they do and I can’t research it bcoz I don’t even know what it’s called. Pls help! Thanks :)

    • Hi =) It’s The Face Shop Su Hyang Jin Lifting Mask. It’s main purpose should be lifting/boosting/firming. Hope this helps =)

      • Thanks babe, very useful :)

  5. i have tons of face mask too, but don’t have any that is in your picks…i wish i cn hoard all the face masks that I want when I go to Korea hopefully next year :)

    • Korea is heaven for skincare and sheet masks! The selection is sooo huge and everyone just buys in bulk to hoard! Hope you get to Korea next year and have fun shopping!!

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