Banila Co Tokyo Scandal II

May 26, 2011 at 11:25 pm | Posted in Beauty | 2 Comments

Of the many stores I visited in Korea, Banila Co was one of my most highly anticipated ones as I own several of their items either from Gmarket or CPs, and love them all. So I was really excited to visit the store when I was in Myeongdong. You can see from my Korea Haul post that I left with quite a few Banila Co items.

The first one I’m reviewing is the Tokyo Scandal II eyeshadow palette. Banila Co releases quite a few collections a year, and most of them feature a eyeshadow palette that fits in nicely with the narrative of that particular release. I really enjoy the whole concept of their releases, and how each one comes with items that all revolve around each other nicely.

The design for this palette is extremely detailed and you can tell a lot of thought went into this. If you look closely, you can even read the product names!

The layout of the palette is similar to all the other Banila Co eyeshadow palettes, which are all really handy, pocket-sized and comes with a good size mirror and applicator.

As usual, there are 6 shades and they’re all soft, pigmented and very smooth. I’ve never experienced any problems with the Banila Co eyeshadow formula, and this palette was great too. There’s a good mix of paler and darker colours, enough to give you any number of day-to-night looks. I find this to be a very versatile palette that can be girly (pinks), office-friendly (neutrals) and smokey (dark brown/purple).

The shades are all shimmery, especially the pale yellow (2nd from right), but I didn’t experience any problems with fall out, which was great! I was mildy disappointed in the darkest purple shade on the far right, as it looks positively stunning in the pan, but was the hardest to swatch. However after applying it with a brush, I have to say it’s all in the application as I did end up loving it when I wore it today as a crease shade above the 2 pale pink shades in the middle.

I’ve always shied away from pink shades as I find them a bit difficult to pull off, but this palette has given me so many options to work with that I’m actually reaching for the pink shades!!




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  1. the packaging looks really beautiful! if only the actual casing is coloured also it will be the best haha!

    • This is one of the cuter Banila Co palettes.. I’m really amazed by the details.. lol..

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