Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Haul

June 21, 2011 at 8:43 pm | Posted in Beauty | 16 Comments

I had every intention of blogging yesterday.. but life got in the way, so you guys have had to wait an extra day to see my super awesome (lol..) post on my Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill haul.. I’m telling you it’s worth the wait!!

Thanks to the very resourceful Jolyn, I managed to get my hands on the highly sought after GA EtKs from Hong Kong. When I transited at the HKIA in April, the airport GA counter had completely sold out on all EtKs!@!#!@#!@#! But I’m glad I finally managed to get them!!

I’m thinking I went slightly overboard with my first EtK haul.. lol.. yup that’s a total of 5 EtKs you see..

When I see five round pots, I just have this childish urge to arrange them in the Olympic symbol.. lol..

Top row from left: #3 Purpura, #4 Pulp Fiction, #6 Khaki Pulse

Bottom row from left: #9 Rock Sand, #15 Copper Impress

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the majority of my haul are neutrals.. I figured let me start from shades I’d definitely use often..

#3 Purpura is a gorgeous purple shot through with gold. It looks absolutely divine in the pot and was the first “non-neutral” shade of EtK I decided upon!

#4 Pulp Fiction is a steel grey shot through with red flecks to give it some depth and make it interesting.

#6 Khaki Pulse is a bronze gold with olive bits thrown in (here begins the neutrals.. lol..)

#9 Rock Sand is a golden peach shade that instantly brightens up my eyes.

#15 Copper Impress is a copper gold with black woven in to give it more edge. This was released with the Holiday 2010 collection, but was still available in Hong Kong. Naturally, I had to have it.. =P

Swatched in natural daylight (I stuck my hand out the window for better light.. lol..)

From left: #3, #4, #6, #9 & #15

Swatches in flash for you to appreciate the shimmer and shine =)

From left: #3, #4, #6, #9 & #15

Instead of swiping my finger along the product for swatching, I basically just pressed my finger tips on top to gather pigment and swatch. Hence, these might not be the most pigmented swatches you see, but I found it really impressive!

I love how smooth and long-lasting these are! They apply like a dream, and they don’t budge after they’ve settled down! There was no creasing or fading when I wore #9 Rock Sand out by itself one day. I’d definitely recommend these to any and everyone, you NEED to get yourself some EtKs!!




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  1. I love this haul! I’m so happy u finally got your ETK fix. They all look so gorgeous, I can’t wait to see the dazzling shimmer in person! :)

    • I’m sure you’ll fall in love when you see them in person!!

  2. I love how much you love Rock Sand, my favourite shade XD Yay to successful psycho-ing! And you are very welcome lol, I just realized I was responsible for this accidental ‘damage’, but more to come!

    • hahahaha very accidental lor.. So many new lemmings because of you =P

  3. walau you sure can haul lor! beautiful lah! i nearly bought them but i don’t do e/s, so i resist!

    • hahahahaha they’re very good leh.. you sure u want to resist?

      • of course i can! :P

      • hahaha ok lor… I’ll continue to tempt u =P

  4. Oohh, I really like Rock Sand!

    • Rock sand is a gorgeous base shade! I like to use Rock Sand and Khaki Pulse or Copper Impress together!

  5. Great ETK haul! I only have Rock Sand at the moment but I’m sure going to get more. Bronze Gold looks fantatsic. Would you know how it compares with Gold Blitz?

    • ETKs are fabulous! Definitely worth every penny =)
      #6 Khaki Pulse is my favorite of the lot! I’ve been wearing it by itself for the past week and it’s a great one-shadow look. I just received my Gold Blitz but haven’t had the time to break it in yet. I’ll try to do up a comparison once I get some daylight for photos =)

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