Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes BR701

July 29, 2011 at 7:30 pm | Posted in Beauty | Leave a comment

This is a scheduled post =)

One undeniable fact about Japanese brands is that they know their stuff when it comes to packaging. Western brands have nothing on the Japanese when it comes to packaging and we all know how susceptible we are to cute packaging =P

Integrate’s Rainbow Grade Eyes was probably their one standout hit of 2010, with the cute heart-shaped design driving girls everywhere nuts with the urge to possess..

Integrate has always been a bit of a hit-and-miss brand for me, and while they have some great stuff, they’ve also put out some not-so-great stuff. But of course I too fell victim to the cuteness that was the Rainbow Grade Eyes.

I’d earlier reviewed BE303 from the same series, and other than the cute factor, it didn’t wow me. However, I was slightly more impressed by this BR701, probably as it’s shade combination is right up my alley.

The little pictorial that shows you how to apply the various shades of the palette, mostly in a gradational method. Good for beginners =)

I’m sure it’s fairly obvious why I bought this palette. It’s a disease really.. this insane need to get all these neutral palettes which in all honesty start to look like one another.. lol..

In terms of pigmentation, BR701 beats BE303 hands down, and I do really like the middle taupe shade, which is one of those no-fail shades that would work universally.

All-in-all, thought BR701 was marginally more impressive than BE303, there’s no need for anyone to run out and grab this as the shade selection is definitely not unique and unless you’re all about the cute heart-shape design, your money will be better spent on palettes from Lavshuca or Kate =)


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